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10 Cool Crochet Looks For Your Fantasy Festival Wardrobe

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There are certain combos that are so classic, they just shouldn't be messed with: chips and salsa, margaritas and salt, and crochet and Coachella. The latter is just what we've come to expect from festival season, and with good reason; crochet allows for skin exposure that will have you looking hot and feeling cool in that desert heat.

For those of you who have always wanted to explore the trend, now is the perfect time to play. And if you've always been a slave to crochet, we say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So whether you're trying to mix some subtle pieces into your festival wardrobe, or are looking to cover your whole bohemian bod in the stuff, this roundup of crop tops, tanks, dresses, kimonos, maxi skirts, and even bikini tops (this is one of the few non-beach times it's totally chill to sub one in as your shirt) ought to get you off and running. Now as far as scoring passes to the sold out event—you're on your own there.