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Vine Star Cameron Dallas Steals Justin Bieber's Thunder in New Calvin Klein Campaign

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Calvin Klein Jeans

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Now we know why Cameron Dallas has been going HAM at Hot Pilates in West Hollywood these days. The 21-year-old, LA-based Vine star with a whopping 11 million Instagram followers is currently building his modeling career, scoring gigs ranging from a Vogue Hommes spread to a global campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans, which just launched today.

Shot in Malibu, the campaign also stars model Stella Lucia (she's also been tapped by Chanel and Alexander Wang) and features the duo sporting Calvin Klein's limited-edition range of all-white styles, from hoodies ($128-$148) to muscle tees ($98) to track shorts ($128)—all available here.

"In 2011, I tweeted that I wanted to model for Calvin Klein, so it's a dream come true to actually be in one of their campaigns," Dallas notes in the brand's official release.

See more campaign images below, and decide who did CK better: Cameron Dallas or Justin Bieber.


Gratuitous shirtless shot.


The slides are the best part; buy them here.