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An Aussie Rugby Pro-Turned-Celeb Trainer Brings Circuit Workouts to Studio City

Training Mate

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Given our mutual devotions to swimwear and sweating, it's no wonder that Angelenos and Aussies get along. Celeb trainer Luke Milton has already tapped into LA and Sydney's fitness-obsessed lifestyles with his WeHo workout spot Training Mate, which is expanding to Studio City this week.

Already beloved by Tyra Banks, Rachel McAdams, Freida Pinto, and more stars, the former rugby captain's second sweat sanctuary is bringing his high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to Ventura Boulevard. The 45-minute core-building classes are different every time; comprised of three segments of three stations each, the workouts mix equipment like kettlebells and bikes with moves like kangaroo jumps and end with a fresh-air abs sesh on the outdoor patio.

Milton—who also happens to be a Lululemon ambassador—tells us his calorie-crunching workouts promote physical, mental, and emotional health by encouraging students to "socialize at the same time as getting a real butt kicking."

As far as pricing, classes are $25 and packages are $120 to $440; see more here and check out the class sched here.

Below, find out more about what Milton loves about LA, his favorite places to sweat, why he loves a good (bad) joke, and more.

The studio's also hosting a "studdly Aussie"-filled grand opening party with free sips and bites this Thursday Thursday, May 12th from 5 to 8pm; join the bash by emailing Emma Maliszewski at (We hear Speedos may be involved.)

Update 4/28: We're told the opening party has been pushed back two weeks.

How does LA's fitness scene differ from your homeland's?

Both Sydney and LA have amazing climates and a very fitness conscious community. I love how forward-thinking and groundbreaking Los Angeles is in regards to fitness. We have seen some of the most amazing workouts and fitness brands start and evolve in Los Angeles and I believe it is the fitness capital of the world.

It's the Australian lifestyle that differs and is the thing that Training Mate has bought to the American fitness industry. It's about always supporting your mate, making moving your body a lifestyle that is a fun part of your day. Growing up I always had a bunch of mates who would become workout partners, running partners and movement partners, anytime any place, we we're all there to support each other and socialize as we worked out.

I believe the big difference is that Australian fitness is a very social part of life, it's where I started Training Mate and our philosophy, to have a healthy lifestyle we have to address physical health, social health, and mental health, and we have to give equal time to all three.

We hear you're known for telling "the worst jokes ever" in your classes. What's that all about?

The "worst jokes ever" are all about breaking down walls and mis-conceptions, I believe that fitness and a healthy lifestyle is for everyone and I feel we have lost that a little in the fitness industry by becoming a little too intimidating or egotistical. The jokes are designed to make everyone feel very comfortable, welcomed and show that we are more than happy to make fools of ourselves, no judgement, no negativity, we're all here to get fit, have fun and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Being a home away from home has been one of the most rewarding parts of Training Mate and we love our family.

When you're not at your studio, where are a few of your favorite local places to get exercise?

There are so many great places around, I tend to follow inspirational trainers more than actual places and as a Lululemon ambassador for the Robertson store in LA I am fortunate enough to get access to such an amazing community. I am in awe of what Julie and Elizabeth created at SoulCycle, I love the brand and always feel welcomed whenever I am there. My go-to faves though are Chris Tye Walker at Barry's Bootcamp, Pixie at SoulCycle, and Jen and Piper at Studio Metamorphosis; I am also a new yoga recruit and love Jen at Wanderlust.

Training Mate

12329 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604, USA