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Trend Czar Alexa Chung Says Chokers Are Over

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You know a trend has reached its peak when mothers and their daughters start twinning. First made popular in the '90s by rebels like Drew Barrymore, black chokers have reemerged in full force, so much so that Kim Kardashian has demanded everyone to wear one and fashion brands like Are You Am I can't make new styles fast enough. But now that even Taylor Swift has (reluctantly) jumped on the choker train, is it time to officially give it a rest? We asked o.g. trendsetter and fashion muse Alexa Chung to weigh in on the craze, and she kind of said what we're all thinking.

"Personally, once something reaches a tipping point, I don't really feel like it's right to wear it anymore," Chung explained at yesterday's Villoid tea party while wearing a long, hot pink slip dress with Converse sneakers. "It's like, we don't need to do that anymore. Tying something black around my neck right now just doesn't feel like something I should do, but it might also be that I'm too old for it because everyone who's doing that right now is under the age of 21. I might just look like a weird old lady trying to be hip!"

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Chung, who ditched Coachella this year, was quick to note that she's not hating on the choker trend's popularity—it's just not for her anymore. "Let it go. I feel like we're in one big Throwback Thursday, but we all have to realize that eventually it will become Friday. There's an opportunity for smaller tribes to come up with their own style, like what happened with the punk era."

When asked what she is into wearing right now, there was no mention of the Peter Pan collars or navy sweaters that she first made famous. "I had this lime green mini dress with spaghetti straps in the '90s, and I want to wear it again," Chung reveals. "I can't find it, but then again I was 12 so it's probably long gone."

Designers, take note.

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