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How Rihanna Stole the Heart of This Victoria's Secret Angel

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Life becomes dramatically different when you're recruited by Victoria's Secret. Among the lingerie label's newest class of Angels is Taylor Hill, who recently gushed to us about joining Rihanna's army of celebrity superfans (like award-winning admirer Leo DiCaprio, who reunited with RiRi at Coachella last weekend).

We got to know the 19-year-old model—who's walked runways for Miu MiuMoschinoValentino and more—at Victoria's Secret's Third Street Promenade store in Santa Monica, where she debuted the brand's sexy new bralette line. Below, read on to find out about her pre-VS workout routine, the "weirdo" Angel that took her under her wing, how Rihanna left her nearly speechless, and more.

We hear you used to be a gymnast. How has your workout routine changed since joining Victoria's Secret?

Being fit as a gymnast is very different than being fit as a "regular person"; I did gymnastics when I was really young, so I was working out like a crazy person from 9 to 14. My workouts have changed a lot over the past years, I went from doing gymnastics and ballet where it's more [about] muscle targeting—chin-ups and pull-ups and bars and running around like a monkey—to a lot of weight lifting and weight training and muscle building.

Now I kind of switched back into a gymnastics [workout]; it's more of muscle targeting and conditioning workouts, like pilates, resistance bands, and fit gliding discs.

Any muscles that you particularly love because of that workout?

You get here [points to biceps and triceps] and the side [points to thighs] and your lower abs, that's where it's really hard to get to when you're doing big weights. You're just focusing on lifting the weight and not using the correct muscle to really tone it.

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Did anyone in particular take you under their wing?

All the Angels are all such kind, beautiful women. I really connected with Behati [Prinsloo] in the beginning; I just really love her. She's so hilarious and such a weirdo and I love that about her.

Seems like you've gotten lots of opportunities to meet cool people. Who got you the most starstruck?

I met Rihanna and I thought I was gonna die, I was like, "Oh my god, you're so beautiful." I was in her Puma show and that's how I met her the first time. I honestly wouldn't have gotten there if it wasn't for Victoria's Secret, they really blast your name and all of a sudden, Rihanna knows who you are.

She was in the room and she was so cool [...] I couldn't believe she was even talking to me and looking at me. She's so stunning.

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Have you changed up your beauty routine since getting this gig?

I kind of kept it the same, I don't really wear makeup on a day-to-day basis; I just make sure I always wash my face or hydrate. [I use] lip balm and maybe mascara here and there. I keep it pretty simple because every day I get a lot of makeup and hair done. When I'm not at work I keep it natural.

Care to share any of your skincare secrets?

Oh yeah, coconut oil, that's the one thing people should know. I put it on my face, it doesn't make me break out. it's a really clean, thin oil. I just put it on and five minutes later it's gone, like in your skin. It's just one of the nicest feelings. And you can eat it.

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How has your life changed since becoming an Angel?

The motivation to be healthy and stay fit is amazing. It's not a necessity or requirement but you just want to because you feel good and you look good and you feel good. I think it's so important because before Victoria's Secret [...] I didn't really have a workout routine; I was traveling all the time. I just didn't care. I didn't feel like myself, I didn't feel confident. It gave me more of a drive and motivation to want something and do something for myself. For me I think that's something Victoria's Secret gave to me.

Speaking of traveling, how do you unwind after long trips?

As soon as I get to the hotel or get home the first thing I do is get in the shower and stand under the hot water or I take a really hot bath and just chill out. If I don't have much to do I take a longer shower but most of the time I'm in and out., although my hair takes a while to wash because I have a lot of it.

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