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Jade Jagger on the Insane Emerald Ring She Designed For Kate Moss

Francois Durand/Getty Images

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As far as having legends in your family goes, being the only daughter of Mick and Bianca Jagger is pretty much as good as it gets. Fiercely sophisticated Jade Jagger inherited tons of talent, and she's been channeling her creative energy into making custom and fine jewelry along with objets d'art for years now (the "Jagger Dagger" ice pick? Anyone?) When Andy Warhol was your babysitter, your father is a Rolling Stone, and your mother is a human rights champion and style icon, you're just destined for greatness.

With her new collection arriving at Maxfield today, we sat down for a chat with the fine jewelry designer. Surrounded by her sparkly pieces, she let us in on some childhood memories with Mick, what she loves about LA, and that time she made Kate Moss a sick emerald ring.

Was there a moment in your childhood when you fell in love with jewelry?

My grandmother had some beautiful amethyst—she loved amethyst—and I remember looking at them and sitting with her. I used to spend a lot of time with her and we’d get dressed up in her dressing-up cupboard. I loved to put all her jewelry on.

India seems to inspire your fine jewelry collection. Was it always one of your favorite travel destinations?

Yes, I went traveling there when I was nine to Kashmir with my dad and we went trekking up in the mountains and traveled with our own live chickens which was quite life-changing, but I fell in love with it from then.

What was the last amazing clothing purchase that you made?

I bought this jacket yesterday in one of your vintage shops on La Brea. I think it’s from the '40s. My husband loves vintage so I get abandoned in vintage stores. I think you get a lot more exciting shopping opportunities there sometimes, but then I always get frustrated if the size doesn’t fit me. There’s great vintage shopping here, and furniture as well. I need to get a house here.

What's the most luxurious skincare product that you use?

I love the products by Neal's Yard, because they’re all natural and the rose night cream smells so good and makes me feel ready for bed.

Is there a piece you were commissioned to do that you're really proud of?

I bought this really beautiful emerald for Kate Moss, she wanted an emerald and we found this beautiful one and set it in this almost invisible setting so it just looked like some Kryptonite and it was just a great success. Sometimes when you do commissions they don’t come out as well as you want them to because you never know what the outcome is; sometimes it’s better than you ever expected, whatever you create, and sometimes it has its own life that develops. People like to rework stones and I think it’s great to give them new energy and maybe modernize something.