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Actress and COO Brittany Seymour's Bomber Obsession and Go-To Denim Shop

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Like many other multi-taskers in the city, Brittany Seymour is a woman of many hats. Though we initially met the red-haired babe as the Chief Operating Officer for local jewelry brand Katie Dean Jewelry, it was not too surprising to learn that she's also frequently flaunting that pretty, freckled face in front of the camera—appearing in a slew of national commercials and, most recently, the soon-to-be-released feature film Keanu, which stars the hilarious duo behind TV's Key & Peele.

The Missouri native—who confesses to growing up on a full-on farm—has plenty of enviable assets (her friends call her "hot pants" for good reason) but it's her sassy style—plenty of black, bodycon, and peekaboo details balanced with boyish outerwear or cool sneaks—that we're focused on. When we grabbed coffee at Silver Lake's stylish Alfred, Brittany filled us in on the Larchmont shop where she stocks up, why she had to steal that letterman jacket, and the fashion blogger whose closet she would happily raid.

Tell us about your outfit:

Pants are Frame Denim's "Le Flare de Francoise." I'm really feeling the resurgence of flared jeans. They look incredible on girls like me with curves to deal with. The top is Library, shoes are Michael Kors, and jacket is by Roots, a €”Canadian-based brand taking over the world with a store in Venice. It's actually a Canadian friend of mine's, but I couldn't not show you my love for bomber jackets. My jewelry is Katie Dean and sunglasses are Madewell.

Describe your style in three words:

Comfortable, dark, and feminine.

What LA boutique is your happy place?

My new obsession is Library in Larchmont. They even started carrying their own brand of clothing. It's pretty much the only place I purchase my denim. It's not too overwhelming as a store and they've curated their selection perfectly. They do simple basics, which I'm all about.

What fashion item are you obsessed with buying right now?

Flare Jeans, oversized bomber jackets, and flirty dresses for summer (still have not achieved this).

What are you currently on the hunt for?

Flirty summer dresses! I have a phobia about showing my legs, but something about a tiny dress with a big jacket to off-set it makes me feel incredibly comfortable. Still on the hunt and stopping in Shareen downtown this week! The store is women-only, which I love. It gives you a sense of community when you're shopping and stripping down in the middle of the store together. A well-kept LA secret!

Who's your style crush?

Natasha Oakley. €”Give me all your clothes please and thank you.