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Katy Perry May Be Really Close to Moving into that Los Feliz Convent

Mike Windle/Getty Images

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The angels—errrr, the court has spoken in favor of Katy Perry, who's been embroiled in a legal battle with two nuns over the right to buy a historic castle-like convent in Los Feliz. As our sister site Curbed reports, a judge ruled yesterday to block the nuns's $15.5 million sale to Brite Spot owner Dana Hollister.

The nuns sold the former Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary convent to Hollister, who planned on converting the property into a boutique hotel. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles, however, claimed that it legally owned the religious property—which was built in 1927 and boasts "Medieval, Gothic, Spanish and Tudor elements"—and hoped to sell it to the pop singer for $14.5 million in cash.

Looks like the Moschino muse is a step closer to that plan to "sit in the meditation garden, sip green tea, and find herself." (Sounds quite lovely, no?) Despite Perry's victory, there's still no guarantee that she'll be allowed to purchase the state, notes LA Times.

Below's a peek at the eight-acre property; LAist has more photos of the former Donohue Manor here.



Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

3431 Waverly Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA