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Swap Out Your Chokers For Skinny Scaves and Bandanas

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Though the choker trend still shows no sign of slowing down (with KenGi modeling the look on a regular basis), another neck adornment can be spotted currently on some the biggest style stars around.

While skinny scarves and bandanas have been enjoying their time in the sun as a streetwear trend since making an appearance in runway shows for the last year or so (designer Wes Gordon and Coach have previously tied them on models), it may have been Sacai's fresh take on the accessory in its spring 2016 show that had bloggers and fashion-forward celebs giving the look a whirl.

We can't think of a better time to try out this trend than festival season. Whether you're headed out to the desert this weekend or not, we've hunted down some lightweight pieces—to emulate our fave style stars—that are perfect for the season's temps, protect your neck's delicate skin, and give off the laid-back-yet-put-together vibe that falls somewhere in between cool cowgirl and French ingenue. Sounds like a look we can totally get behind.