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LA Life Hacks: Three Essential On-Demand Apps That Will Save You Tons of Time


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Now that you know which smartphone apps can help you with money and beauty, what about all those mundane, frequent tasks that your life revolves around? Sure, you can hire a TaskRabbit to get the job done, but working with a specialized service ensures that you'll always be in the hands of pros.

Here, we've rounded up three apps that our editors use on the regular. These life- saving services have eliminated numerous visits to the cleaners, post office, and U-Haul, allowing us to have more time to watch reality TV and perfect our selfies—you know, the important stuff.



What: Rinse

Why: This revolutionary laundry service offers dry cleaning, launder and press, wash and fold, hang dry (for delicates), specialty cleaning (vintage), and even repairs. Bonus: there's no gender discrimination on pricing, so both women's and men's shirts are priced exactly the same.

Price: White Bag Dry Cleaning/Launder & Press (Shirts — $2.50, Pants — $7, Blouses — $7), Black Bag Wash & Fold ($1.50/lb; Comforters — $30, Blankets —$15), and Teal Bag Hang Dry (Undergarments — $1, Synthetics — $2.50, Sweaters — 7)




Why: We've sung the praises of this postal company many times before. Shyp picks up your items, packs, and sends them anywhere in the world using the most reliable courier at the lowest cost. They even have a program for eBay shop owners.

Price: Shipping cost (FedEx, UPS, and USPS) + $5 service fee, which covers pickup for as many as 20 items. There's also an optional packaging fee, ranging from $0-25 per shipment.




Why: This LA-based app helps you book a moving truck on-the-spot or schedule a pickup in advance. Once you submit a photo of the item through the app, only drivers with a nearby, appropriate-sized vehicle will accept. Past customers have used Pikkup to move TVs, haul commercial equipment like professional sound and lighting gear, move items purchased or sold on Craigslist, and even relocate their entire office or home.

Price: When requesting a Pikkup, you will see your estimated cost, which assumes 20 minutes to load and unload your items. Time: $1.00 per minute or $55.00 per hour (for 1+ hours); Mileage: $0.80 per mile; Insurance Fee: $2.50; Minimum Fee: $25.00 + Insurance Fee.