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Five Selfie Tips From Kendall and Kylie's Favorite Model

Josh Heller

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Not all of us can nail a selfie like the famous Kardashian/Jenner family. We mean, c'mon, Kim has an entire book on the subject. Therefore, when we get the opportunity to score tips on snapping your own fierce photo straight from someone with the fold's stamp of approval, we're taking serious notes.

Ford model (and may we add, mega talented singer) Araya Nicks, who was recently tapped as the face for Kendall + Kylie, was kind enough to give us a few tricks of the trade. Though clearly this beauty's got genetics in her favor, there are certainly some skills she's honed that we can all take a page from—um, have you seen her stunning selfie-filled Instagram feed? Read on to find her top tips, then get ready for your own flawless close-up.

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1. Less is more. I'm all for the glam but there's nothing more beautiful then a fresh face. A little concealer and mascara go a long way.

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2. Practice makes perfect. Go in front of the mirror and practice poses. Find facial expressions that are fierce, without being too harsh.

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3. Find your light. Lighting is everything. Whether taking a selfie or standing in front of the camera, make sure the light hits your face perfectly.

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4. Consider your angles. Know what angle works best for you—it will be different for everyone. For example, I find that slightly tilting my face up makes me look so much better in photos. Figuring this out for yourself will make striking a pose so much easier.

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5. Confidence is key. Stand tall and be confident. There's nothing sexier than confidence! Don't be hesitant in your poses because it can come off too stiff. You're beautiful, so own it!