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Graphic Designer Becca Lofchie Scores Stellar Secondhand Styles

Welcome to Style Crush, a new biweekly feature that shines a light on LA's best-dressed rising stars.

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We don't believe rapper Juvenile was referring to wardrobe selection when he penned the lyrics "she get it from her momma", but the sentiment certainly applies in the case of graphic designer—and our latest style subject—Becca Lofchie, who freely admits that most of her closet's best pieces were handed down directly from good old mom.

As not all of us might be able to say, the NYC native either has a seriously cool mom (likely) or has been able to make the most out of her hand-me-downs, judging from her '90s-done-right style. And given that Lofchie is typically bouncing between personal projects (like her Useful Crystals calendar, co-created with roomie Gray Wielebinski, or poster/album design for Chris Kallmyer's recently released record) and other design work for Silver Lake's Content Object studio, her casual-but-creative vibe suits her just fine.

We caught up with Becca in her LA habitat of Angelino Heights, where in addition to learning about where she cops her fave pieces (or should we say from whom?), we found out where she loves to splurge (hint: it's not on clothes), and the '90s film character whose style she covets.

Tell us about your outfit:

I'm an average shopper at best, so all my best items are hand-me-downs. My mom is my biggest supplier, since her style is similar to mine (but better), and I'm wearing an old coat of hers. In fact, there isn't a single jacket in my closet that she didn't buy and wear first. The jeans are vintage DKNY, inherited from one of my oldest (and most stylish) friends Amanda Williams. The shoes are by Vagabond, and I swear they're more comfortable than most of my sneakers.

Describe your style in three words:

Raiding mom's closet.

What LA boutique is your happy place?

I do the most damage at book stores. Skylight Books Annex in Los Feliz and Artbook in Downtown are my current favorites. Otherwild and the MOCA Store are where I go to buy gifts that I end up keeping (they also carry my work).

What fashion item are you obsessed with buying right now?

Hats! The one I'm wearing here is a collaboration between Gray Wielebinski and Mark Allen.

What are you currently on the hunt for?

A new bathing suit. Unless I find my missing one!

Who's your style crush?

Gloria (Rosie Perez) in White Men Cant Jump.