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Cash Warren on His Sock Brand: 'We Want to Be the Next Fruit of the Loom'

Pair of Thieves

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Just one look at Cash Warren's Instagram will tell you that he's a very cool dude. In addition to being the proud husband of gorgeous Jessica Alba, the handsome entrepreneur and father of two is also a tastemaker in his own right, thanks to his wildly popular sock company, Pair of Thieves.

In a sea of brands in the same category (Stance, Happy Socks, and Rob Kardashian's Arthur George, to name a few), Pair of Thieves stands out for its memorable logo, clever name, unique designs, high performance elements, and celebrity fanbase. Here, Warren gives us the scoop on his LA brand's goals and advice for future moguls.

Why socks?

I've been wearing funky socks since high school. I could never find any that fit like an athletic sock but still had cool designs. We also didn't see any brands that were putting out quality products at affordable prices, so Pair of Thieves was created to fill those voids in the marketplace.

For those new to the line, what are your bestselling starter styles?

I believe our bestselling socks have been our Will I Ain't or Sorry Suzanne.

What are your big dreams for the brand?

Our dream is to grow up to be the next Hanes or Jockey or Fruit of the Loom. We love the Basics category. We believe there's ample room for innovation and creative expression. Socks and underwear are no longer viewed as commodities; they have become a reflection of your personality.

What's your best advice for someone trying to launch a brand?

I'm sure it's what everyone says, but my advice would be to think about what you are truly passionate about and then build from there. You will hear "No" more than you hear "Yes," so your business won't work if you're not passionate about it. I would also say to surround yourself with a team that's smarter than you.