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The Show Me Your Mumu Babes Talk Beach Life and Why West Is Best

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If you're familiar with Show Me Your Mumu's modern bohemian line of breezy micro-minis and maxis, festival-ready rompers, and most recently swimwear, you'll find it as impossible as we do that the brand could have ever been based in New York, which is exactly where it was conceived just over five years ago.

Even on the East Coast, the company's founders Cammy Hebert (who was born and bred in New Orleans but visited California often) and Cologne Trude (a bonafide native) couldn't lose their beachy aesthetic. After all, the girls met in college at Berkley so their innate hippie spirit shows up in everything they do. So naturally, the brand moved to Venice a few years ago and has been at home there ever since.

We wrestled Cammy and Cologne out of their Westside habitat to meet us for juice at the Arts District's rad wellness hub The Springs (they're already planning a trip back for the infared sauna) to learn a little more about the women behind the brand, which they describe as being inclusive and not-too-serious. Read on to find out the Venice spot where you might catch them sipping coffee, the accessories you won't often see them without, and what excites them most about Coachella—aka Mumu's happy place.

What are you drinking?

CH: I am drinking the Lantern: pineapple, cucumber, cilantro, jalepeno. When I ordered it I was like, "Is this basically a margarita without alcohol?" And the guy said yes! And I was like, "Love it! That's what I want."

CT: I'm drinking the North Star, which is the green one with apple in it, so it's a little sweet but it has spinach and kale and lemon in it. I like the green juices.

What are your favorite Venice haunts?

CT: We've been going—a lot—to Butcher's Daughter, which just opened. They have the best coffee. My husband actually does the coffee for them; it's called Vittoria Coffee.The juice is amazing, the coffee is amazing, and I really love the food.

CH: We always go to Zinque. It's breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they have wifi and you can have laptops until 6pm. So you go there, work all day, eat all your meals, and then meet your friends there for a drink.

East Coast or West Coast?

CH: West Coast! And the South. I love California so much. I used to visit here with my mom when I was little and I was truly always like, "I'm gonna move here one day!" And then I did right after high school. We were in New York for a short time but other than that I've always been here since I got to pick.

CT: The people are a lot more 'our vibe' in a way. I'm not trying to be mean to the East Coast; there are nice people over there, too! But it was a little more cold and closed off and we're more open.

Other than a suit or cover-up, what are your must-have beach essentials?

CH: Sunglasses. I love Crap because they're super cute but also a good price point, cause I have a problem with losing everything. So if I lose them, I'm not completely devastated and I can revive a pair.

What's your signature accessory?

CH: Let's answer for each other! Cologne's signature accessories are all her bangles and bracelets. She always has the best collection of vintage and cheap and nice, but all together and you can hear her jangling down the hall. Even at her wedding she had a great mix of all these bracelets that went with her dress. You do not see her without bracelets, unless she's getting a spray tan.

CT: I feel like Cammy's is—even though I'm wearing a hat today—is a hat. Cammy always has hats on. And then I feel like you always do the bohemian leather necklaces and chokers. I can't do that.

Favorite pool to crash in LA?

CH: My mom's house! My mom lives in Malibu. But the north, north, north end of Malibu so when we can make the 45 minute trek, that's our favorite place to go.

CT: There aren't pools on the Westside as much. We just go to the beach!

Sunset or sunrise?

CT: Oh my god, definitely sunset. I'm not a morning person! And I love sunsets. Living on the Westside we get them over the water so I've always been obsessed with the sunsets over here.

Best nearby spot for daytripping?

CH: We just did a photoshoot in Ojai and that was my first time going there. Now I'm going to go all the time. I love it! It's so close, but also feels super far away and it definitely has a little bit of that Venice hippie vibe. And it's beautiful. We stayed at the Ojai Rancho Inn, which is adorable. That's my new spot.

CT: I guess I have two. One would be Catalina. My husband has a boat in the marina, so we go out there as much as possible. And I love Catalina because it kind of feels like you're on the Amalfi Coast or something. But then you can also go to the deserted areas and feel like you're in the middle of nowhere. It's crazy. It feels like nowhere near Los Angeles. And also Palm Springs. The vibes, the weather. I'm going there for my 30th with my husband.

What's the best part of Coachella?

CT: I'm like a crazy Coachella person. I've gone eight years in a row. I'm actually not going this year though, because we're going to be in Columbia for Cammy's bachelorette party.

CH: All the fringe is back in season and a lot of our stuff has fringe and pompoms and tassels and that layered with all the fun jewels—I love seeing that look. Tatters and rips and things dangling off you everywhere! People dress how they like to dress times ten. I love seeing the Coachella fashion, the street style photos of random girls. A lot of our creative process is based on real girls and what real people are wearing so that's a great source of inspiration.

The Springs

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