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A Pilates Pro's Two-Week Coachella Body Game Plan

Shannon Nadj

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Now that you know where you'll be partying and what you'll be wearing at Coachella this year, how are you getting camera-ready? To ensure that you look and feel your best at the fest, we've called on celebrity trainer Shannon Nadj—the owner of West Hollywood's Hot Pilates—to create an exclusive, step-by-step regimen to follow daily, leading up to the big weekend.

1. Rise and hydrate. First things first: flat tummies are 70% nutrition and made in the kitchen. Each morning, start your day off with a glass of room temperature or warm water with fresh squeezed lemon to help alkalize your system and wake up your digestive system. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout your day, especially if you are heading to the desert.

2. Get your juice on. For breakfast, I like a fresh, cold-pressed green juice before my workouts to alkalize my body. It gives me energy and flushes out toxins. My favorite is Juice Served Here’s Jinja Greens, which has ginger and lemon to help with digestion and de-bloating.

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3. Work it out. Now, it's time to sculpt that tummy! I love to sweat, which de-bloats you quickly. There’s no better way to define your abs than sweating and doing an hour of abdominal exercises in a room set to 95 degrees. Hot Pilates signature classes are a must for crop top bikini abs.

4. Five-minute abs. These are my favorite flat tummy moves that can be done anywhere: the Pilates 100 to get your blood circulating and body warmed up followed by 10 Rollups, slow and with control to stretch out your back and legs—keep the lower belly pulled in! Next, a little intense cardio blast called the Series of 5 to get your heart rate going: the single straight leg, double leg stretch, single straight leg, double straight leg, and criss cross. Perform these five moves, 10 reps each, and one set without stopping. End your five-minute ab blast with a Teaser to find balance and control.

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5. Reward yourself. A post-workout smoothie is a light and great way to refuel after an intense workout. I suggest a smoothie packed with a protein source and avoid fruits high in sugar. Stick to healthy veggies.

6. But eat smart. Foods to incorporate: fennel, dandelion, spirulina, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, and dark leafy greens—all of these help you cleanse and de-bloat. I like to add a few drops of dandelion and milk thistle into my bottled water and sip throughout the day. Trust me, it's worth the intense taste!

7. And stay disciplined. Foods to avoid: dairy, sugar, meat, caffeine, gluten, processed foods, and alcohol. If you must have a cocktail, I like a vodka on the rocks with water and fresh-squeezed lemon or lime, or a tequila on the rocks with a splash of lime. Avoid wine because it's packed with sugar. For a caffeine kick, try green tea—an antioxidant—instead of coffee.

Bonus: the first reader to email with the subject line "Gimme that Coachella Body!" scores a free two-week pass to Hot Pilates! We have our winner!

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