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'Shades of Blue' Actress Drea de Matteo's Bag Holds Playboy Sunnies and More

Welcome to In the Bag, a weekly feature where local tastemakers reveal what they never leave home without.

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Actress Drea de Matteo knows how to juggle work, play, and family like a rock star. The Soprano's superstar has an IMDB page that reads like every cool-girl, hardcore femme fantasy you've ever had (Sons of Anarchy anyone?), she has a Best Supporting Actress Emmy, and now she's kicking ass and taking names alongside Jennifer Lopez.

Did we mention that she recently got engaged to Whitesnake rocker Michael Devin? He proposed on stage during a concert, with her kids Alabama and Blackjack present—this is the kind of crazy, romantic way her life unfolds. We visited with Drea on Easter Sunday to get an insider's look into her Manos Zapotecas 'Palomita' bag (hint: Drea loves leather and fringe) to see what she can't leave home without.

1. Hot Wheels cars because my son Blackjack is the boss of me.

2. 1970s Playboy shades because they're badass!

3. My fiancé's guitar pic which is usually in his back pocket because he's a weirdo. It ends up in my purse sometimes.

4. Fresh Sugar tinted lip treatment in honey. I have every color they make; it's the best!

5. MAC black eyeliner and MAC red lip liner to paint my tiger stripes on!

6. A cute kitty change purse that my fiancé brought back from Japan. I like to keep change of a thousand in there—just kidding.

7. Revision Intellishade tinted sun screen to protect my old lady skin.

8. Nasomatto Black Afgano perfume, Black Amber by my friend Agatha Blois for Carnival, and Amber Woods from Whole Foods. I keep lots of oils in my bag, and scents. Lots of oil because I never have time to shower!

9. My OliRose awesome leather cuff. It always ends up that one of her cuffs is on my purse strap from traveling. I have so many.

10. Cargo Bombay lipstick that I stole from my character Tess Nazario on Shades of Blue.