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LA's Corinne Collection Is Cool, Comfortable, and All Under $150

Corinne Collection

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With a background in business administration, Susan Kim always had an interest in the creative side of fashion design, but her path to what would become the LA-based clothing label Corinne began with a very practical approach. Post college, Kim took a pattern-making class to get her feet wet, but what really helped her launch a line was running a massive clothing factory where she gained crucial knowledge on what it takes to begin production.

Kim's experience gave her the intel to create a collection that is stylish yet comfortable, and versatile yet not without its own point of view. And fashionable local tastemakers including Melissa Sonico and Faith Lord have already come forward as fans of the newish line. Once we caught a glimpse of the super-soft, easy-to-wear pieces (we'll take one of everything, please) we simply had to get more of a scoop, so we chatted up Kim about which garment she can't stop wearing and who she's dying to dress.


What was the original concept in creating the collection?

My one rule of thumb when creating a collection is to find fabric that is soft. Corinne is very minimal but it stands out in the fabric choices I make, so it sometimes takes me months to find the right colors and fabric selections.

What are the three most important characteristics when designing pieces for Corinne?

When I design, I always keep in mind that each piece is made for individuality, versatility, and quality.


Where do you go locally to find inspiration?

I live and work in Downtown Los Angeles and I always find so much inspiration from just walking around and seeing what real woman wear.

All of the pieces are under the $150 mark. Was that a conscious decision?

There seemed to be a price disconnect between fast fashion brands and really beautifully made brands and I felt like women wanted to invest in pieces that had longevity and quality but without the heavy price tag. In a way, I created Corinne for that woman who wanted beautiful clothing that was accessible.


What is piece are you personally getting the most use out of lately? And how do you style it?

I always wear the Pocket Dress because it's so easy. I'm a minimalist so I'll just wear it with either white loafers or slip-ons with a shoulder bag I bought at a vintage store in London years ago that's made out of a vintage leather jacket.

What celeb or influencer would you love to dress in Corinne? And what would you put her in?

Emma Watson would be a dream because she does amazing work for the equality of woman and is effortlessly chic. It's so hard to decide which piece because she would look good in everything, but I think she would be absolutely lovely in the Alexander. It would be the perfect length on her and she could get a lot of wear from it when she travels, runs errands, and fights for women equality!