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Kendall and Kylie Spill Their #1 Beauty Secrets

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Today, I casually spent the afternoon with Kendall and a newly-blonde Kylie Jenner to toast their debut Kendall + Kylie collection of clothing and shoes (and soon, eyewear!), available at Nordstrom. The event was held in a private suite at LA's fancy Chateau Marmont hotel, was part presentation and part lunch, and featured a mix of press, bloggers, K+K stans, and Kardashian entourage regulars like makeup artist Hrush Achemyan and Kylie BFF Jordyn Woods.

After asking for an obligatory selfie with the sisters (it was a bold move, but they were surprisingly open to it), I sat down with them to learn more about their chill working chemistry and tried-and-true beauty secrets. Your girl also scored some exclusive intel on Kylie's upcoming full cosmetics line.

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How was it working together on the collection?

Kendall: It was actually very easy and fun. We don't butt heads when it comes to work stuff; we're very professional and we trust each other.

What challenges did you overcome along the way?

Kylie: We definitely learned a lot. Some designs looked good on paper but we felt totally different about them when they were on the model. We learned that it's all about the fit. There's a lot that goes into designing a collection that we never knew about.

Kendall: With modeling, I'm lucky enough to work with some of the most creative people in the world, so it was great to bring that experience into this. We're definitely not Balmain or Givenchy, but it's really fun and I hope that one day we can be there!

What kind of design advice did Kanye or your sister offer?

Kylie: We didn't want opinions from anyone else. It was just Kendall and I.

Kendall, congrats on your special Vogue issue! Did you get to wear any Kendall + Kylie in the editorial?

Kendall: Thanks! I didn't, but there was a mention of it in my interview. The funniest thing happened: we were driving in a car during the interview, and a huge Kendall + Kylie double-decker bus drove right past us. I was freaking out! It must have been meant to be.

Is Araya Nicks wearing your Mary Jo LipKit in the Kendall + Kylie lookbook?

Kylie: No, but I wish she was! That color wasn't out yet, it was just in my brain then.

Any hints on your upcoming full makeup line?

Kylie: I have some exciting stuff coming next month. It just takes a while to make sure everything is perfect because the formulas need to be exactly how I want them.

What will the next Kylie Cosmetics beauty product be?

Kylie: It's a secret, but it's already made. It's coming.

What are your number one beauty secrets right now?

Kendall: I wash my face morning and night, and I never touch my face.

Kylie: Coconut oil and sunscreen, all over. I try to wear both every day. I'm getting better at it.