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Poll! Which LA Shopping Center Is Your Favorite?

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After reading this hilarious story about the confessions of a 30-year-old mall rat, it got us thinking: which shopping centers do you find yourself shameless stalking the most? Whether you're a lover of outdoor one-stop-shops like The Grove, or have a soft spot for classic indoor malls like Beverly Center, or enjoy the quaint vibe of neighborhood stalwarts like Brentwood Country Mart, there's a spree-worthy option for everyone.

Since LA's best spots have been rolling out new and exciting enhancements to attract new shoppers and secure its relevancy, we'd like to know which existing shopping center has your loyalty on lock. To keep this poll short and sweet, we've left out developments that are still in the process of opening, and spots outside of Los Angeles, like South Coast Plaza.

Poll closes tomorrow, March 25th at 10am PST, so cast your vote below and state your case in the comments.

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