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11 Hot One-Piece Swimsuits That Prove Less Isn't Always More

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We're all about the body-positive vibes, but even some of us who embrace and love our physique just as it is don't necessarily want to put at all out there when it comes to our swimwear. If you fall into that category, don't get too freaked at the recent trend of uber-skimpy bikinis that seem to be stocking shelves everywhere you look. We've got plenty of solutions for you now that beach bunny season is just around the corner.

Even Los Angeles's coolest bathing suit brands know that nowadays we don't need to simultaneously expose our tummy, cleavage, and 3/4 of our butt cheeks to be sexy, which is why they've all given us plenty of one-piece options of late.

Since your social calendars are about to get loaded up with events, including all the impending poolside Coachella parties, we've rounded up a group of one-pieces from local lines that offer cool prints, creative cut-outs, and more clever details. These piece will not only help you look fly on the beach, but they also double as a bodysuit to sport with a breezy maxi or quintessential denim cutoffs.