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This 27-Minute Workout Promises to Better Your Bod Using Vibration

Plate Fit

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It sounds a bit crazy—and even perhaps too good to be true—but both NASA and a list of celebs including Madonna ( who sculpted her age-defying ass using the technology) are signing off on the effectiveness of vibration plate fitness machines, like those used at LA studio Plate Fit.

The WeHo-based boutique gym offers a full schedule of workouts that combine popular fitness methods (yoga, pilates, bootcamp, ballet, kickboxing, etc) with the science-backed Power Plate equipment, which is  said to amp up your sweat session by engaging muscles more consistently. And because the vibrations keep your body working the entire time, classes are just 27 minutes, which makes them ideal for those of us who sometimes struggle to squeeze in gym time amid a hectic weekly schedule.

As self-proclaimed fitness fiends, we can't help but be a bit curious about the potential toning results from a session at Plate Fit and—even though we're not complaining about our usual  60 or 90 minute workouts—we're totally tempted by the prospect of such quick results. Thus, you might happen to catch us crashing one of the studio's classes soon—especially considering they offer new customers a month of unlimited classes for just $99. If you want to try for yourself—but aren't ready to commit to an entire month, the studio has single sessions for just $27, and you can find the full schedule here.

Plate Fit

309 N Kings Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90048