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How Artist Evelyn Leigh Is Beautifying LA, One Wall at a Time

Evelyn Leigh

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LA is no stranger to awesome street art, and if you've explored the not-so-hidden steps in Silver Lake and Echo Park recently, you probably noticed that something's different. Instead of drab, industrial, concrete surfaces, brilliant colors and geometric murals greet you like happy new friends, begging you to climb and engage (not to mention upload a few snaps to Insta). The changes are thanks to Evelyn Leigh, creative force behind The Painted Line Mural Co., which is transforming urban LA landscapes and less-than-exciting interior spaces into powerful works of art.

A New York native, Eve came out to LA with her husband, actor David Dastmalchian and has been successfully juggling her relatively new motherhood with a rewarding and inspiring creative outlet. Her recent collaboration with Sanctuary Maker on a dreamy mountain mural inside the DTLA studio of jewelry designers Androgyny Design and Communion is a gorgeous, transcendent example of Eve's aesthetic and artistic vision, and she was kind enough to answer a few questions about her process and some favorite shopping spots in LA.

When did you start the company?

I did my first mural job around June 2014 but I didn't take it very seriously or think it could actually be a job until people kept asking me to work. I officially launched my business, The Painted Line, about six months ago and it's been a busy six months! I feel like I'm tricking everyone or getting away with murder. It's too fun to be a job!

What are you currently working on?

I just finished four solid weeks of work, an outdoor piece at the home of a wonderful family in Highland Park and three separate pieces in the garage of an office building in Westwood. Up next, I'm most excited about hopefully working with the Eagle Rock Community Council. We have been in discussions about creating some public works around the neighborhood. Working with the Silverlake Community Council on the Secret Stairs Project has been the most rewarding experience so I can't wait to do more like it.

Do you have a color palette you tend to favor?

Absolutely. Because I use a lot of color, picking the palette is a very delicate balance. Too primary and you will quickly design what looks like an advertisement for a Crayola 8-pack. I work a lot in teals (specifically, Behr Tropics) and blood oranges (Behr Pimento). And of course, yellow looks amazing with almost anything. Throw in a few neutrals and there you have it!

Does putting up a wall mural in a living space alter furniture choices?

I usually come in after a room is established. I find a lot of the furniture I'm encountering is neutral and allows me to do my thing without much worry. Too many people are afraid of color or paint in their living space but painting is the cheapest and easiest way to up your design game and transform a space. And if you don't like it after a month? Paint it over! To me it's the most noncommittal thing you can do in a home.

What are some places in LA that really inspire you?

LA is a mecca for street art and I'm like a sponge in all it's sudsy glory. There isn't a painted sign or mural that I don't absorb into my brainwaves.

Can you give us your top 5 fashion shopping spots in LA?

No. Haha, just kidding. Kind of. Most of my clothes get covered in paint and my go-to outfit is a Museum of Death cut-off tee and a pair of jeans, but I do have a love for thrifting. Jet Rag is a mecca for cheap second hand, the Fairfax Flea Market or the Rose Bowl and Ampersand Boutique or Lemon Frog Shop for vintage.