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The Girls of That's So Retrograde on Their Brilliant Wellness Podcast and Best Party Tricks

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Think of That's So Retrograde's Stephanie Simbari and Elizabeth Kott as LA's answer to Abbi and Ilana of Broad City—not as much in the way of ridiculous hijinks (that we know about, that is), but rather in the sense of being millennials who document their navigation of our city in an authentically curious, interested, and often super hilarious way. Whereas the TV characters's playground is gritty New York, Simbari and Kott's reality is smack dab in the middle of our spiritual and wellness capital, and while the duo's podcast focuses totally on their exploration of that scene, the two are brutally honest about the highs and lows which come with that territory.

We've previously known Kott from when she ran (now closed) online consignment shop Closet Rich and worked for The Zoe Report. Now in addition to the weekly podcast, she's been killing it as a stylist. Simbari's other gig is—not surprisingly upon talking to her for over two minutes—as an actress and comedienne, currently on Oxygen's Funny Girls. TSR (learn how to tune in here) finds the duo talking candidly about their quest to better their minds and bodies, which might include a brief foray into veganism ("I liked a cooked food every now and again," Kott explains) or exploring the possibilities of crystals.

The girls took us to their favorite natural foods mecca, Erewhon, where they skipped juice in lieu of other wellness tonics, expanded on their fave wellness practices, and even scored a major double celeb sighting—Kendall Jenner and Ringo Star. Needless to say it was a good day.

What are you drinking?

EK: I'm drinking matcha, which I love as a recovering coffee addict. It puts a nice mellow-yet-energized pep in my step and is a great midday pick-me-up. Love it from Erewhon with their cold-pressed almond milk, because I like to be as snobby as I can when it comes to my nut milk consumption.

SS: I'm drinking Kombucha because I wasn't in the mood for a juice, I wanted something fizzy.

Any party tricks?

SS: I just went to 75 different dirty places in my mind!

EK: This sounds annoying, but I love hosting stuff. So my trick is like, turning it out for my guests.

SS: You make a mean charcuterie plate. What's mine?

EK: You bring the jokes!

SS: Actually I'm really good at making cocktails. I'm a mixologist. I would say I'm a good flavor-mixer. My palate is very adventurous.

EK: Yeah, just like say it and it is.

SS: It's true though.

Current wellness obsession?

EK: I love the infrared sauna. That's giving me so much life right now. I love going to Sweat Theory in Hollywood. The shift you feel from going in to afterwards; you feel it, you love it, it's great.

SS: Are you restoring your electrolytes?

EK: I sure am.They give you a magnesium shot to replace the minerals and you drink a buttload of water.

SS: I'm obsessed with all things rose-flavored right now. Rose raises your vibration. It's the highest vibration flower. It's the diamond of flowers! I like rose water and rose spray, and I recently discovered sheep's milk rose petal Greek yogurt at the farmer's market in Hollywood. It's from the Greek guy that harasses you a little bit. I'll take it. The hotter he thinks you are, the better samples he gives, so I'm on board.

Current TV addiction?

SS: I'm just trying to get through House of Cards. I'm on the third season. I've re-watched the entire second season because I forgot that I'd seen it, and when I got to the end and I was like, "I already watched this." Why didn't I just watch a synopsis? Now I don't know if I have the strength because it's just so dark and harrowing.

EK: I love TV so much. Right now it's a healthy mix between John Oliver and Vanderpump Rules. You know what I mean? And anything between that! I just got into Fixer Upper on HGTV. It's my new jam.

Favorite form of social media?

EK: A phone call.

SS: Probably still Instagram although I'm really on board with Snapchat and am discovering so many characters that live inside me with the face filters.

Which clothing item can you never have enough of?

SS: I feel like I'm constantly buying high-waisted jeans and looking for shirts that go with them. Also I'm really into sneakers. And rings.

EK: I've been trying to do the anti-consumption of things lately. When you come from working in the consignment world there's a lot of acquisition of clothing. It's really been a lot more about pairing down than adding to. That being said, I can never have enough great white t-shirts. And if there's a pair of jeans that fit me great, please reveal yourself!

Do you have a metaphysical guru?

SS: Working with [TSR's astrological adviser] Ambi has been so enlightening.

EK: We came across her through a friend who is a tarot reader. That was the kind of thing like, when life hands you a gift. We're planning to have her on monthly. We're doing an "Ask Ambi" in April and people are writing in astrology questions to

Best thing about living in LA?

EK: My friends?

SS: The weather?

EK: The opportunity. I mean we both have really non-traditional jobs and I don't think that there is any other place in the world that we could explore these things with it being a reality.

SS: The idea of the Gold Rush and Manifest Destiny, all that shit really applies here. That's kind of the energy with which people come to Los Angeles. Whenever I have friends, especially comedians, come here and they're used to the New York pace where it's, "Get up! Rise! Grind!"—LA's a chill-and-figure-it-out space, but with that you have the opportunity to create whatever reality you want. But the pitfall is also that you have the opportunity to create whatever reality you want! It can be hard for a lot of people to push themselves and be their own boss. You have to set boundaries for yourself for what's acceptable and what's a "work day." I just say I'm in "office hours," even though I don't have an office.

Worst thing about living here?

EK: Traffic? It's such a basic answer but that's how I feel.

SS: I don't think that's the worst part. I would say dudes like that guy in the red Ferrari—which is a dope car—but it's like the hat, the whole thing. There's a lot of posturing. I'm not in a relationship and I'm interested in dating and talking to people and I feel like there's so much extra bullshit. Everyone's trying to be somebody. Paparazzi are jumping out of everywhere like friggin' cacti because there's this culture of obsessing over seeing and being seen and becoming famous, and it's very hard to weed out people that are in it for the right reasons. But if you can just hold it down as a real person, and when someone like that comes into your life just say "well, we're not gonna be friends. Sorry that I had sex with you but please don't call me anymore."

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