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Filed under:'s Latest Releases Make Us Want to Gather Our Girl Squad

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LA lifestyle brand gives good Instagram (as evidenced by its account's impressive 303,000 followers), and founder Jen Gotch along with the rest of the label's girl gang wants to help you do the same with the latest Spring releases., which previously gave us such cheeky-cute and unapologetically girlie goods as this "Kittens Get Thirsty Too" sippy cup, or more recently this "I Did My Best" sweatshirt (as part of last fall's clothing collection), keeps the playful—and may we add photogenic—pieces coming with adorable inflatables and other fun pool props like totes and towels, all guaranteed to bring on the "likes" and set the vibe for a good freakin' time.

We got an exclusive look at the brand new Spring lookbook, which is giving us plenty of weekend vaycay inspo. Thank goodness all the the featured items are already available on's site so we can start party plotting.