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11 Cool, Subtle Ways to Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day

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There was a time when our St. Patrick's Day celebration involved Bloody Mary's at 5am, bar crawls, and homemade t-shirts emblazoned with phrases such as "I May Be Irish But I Kiss French" but now that those days are behind us (sigh) we're looking to participate in Thursday's festivities while looking still like a chic, cool, and totally grown-ass woman. Since we figured we weren't the only ones faced with the fashion dilemma of what to wear when you don't want to look like a drunken co-ed but you still want to play along with the theme, we wanted to offer our help.

We've scoured LA's best brands for tops, bottoms, rompers, socks, and even nail polish in shades of green ranging between mint and forest that you'll still be able to wear long after March 17th. So you can ditch the tacky shamrock tees—but we'll allow the before-noon Bloody's.