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LA Label S&T Makes the Effortless Vibe As Easy As it Looks


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We Los Angeles girls are under a lot of pressure when it comes to crushing the cool, casual vibe—a look our town has become notorious for in the fashion world. And we'll gladly accept that, but it also means we're on a constant quest to craft a wardrobe complete with effortless pieces that both look and feel great, are super versatile (since Angelenos are also notorious for our multi-faceted lives—like leaving your barista gig to head to an acting audition, then celebratory drinks), and made to last. Not an easy task but local brand S&T seems to have fully nailed that criteria.

Started by LA natives Simonette Lowy and Tannis Mann—who have been collaborating since they were wee ones—the year-old clothing line's first collection, For Sunday, specializes in incredibly wearable pieces (like a shrunken sweat-tee or a linen mini dress) in super-soft textiles, all of which enable their wearers to gussy them up for a #GNO or pair with little else for an epic chillaxing day at home.

We got Lowy and Mann to give us a bit more insight on their brand, including some stellar ways to style the clothes, and how they'd spend their dream Sunday.


You're both bona fide LA girls. How do you think that fact translates your collection?

TM: Growing up in Los Angeles definitely influenced our aesthetic. LA is such a mix of casual beach style and dressed-up Hollywood glam. We design with both in mind, so that each piece can be styled down or up depending on the person and occasion.

SL: We're actually a good example of this. We've been best friends since 7th grade, yet our styles are completely different. We are able to take our separate points of view and create a collection of basics that are well-rounded and we both incorporate S&T into our wardrobe in unique and interesting ways.


That said, can you tell us about a particularly memorable way you've seen one (or more) of your garments styled?

SL: We've seen the Sweat Trouser styled with the Boy Tee and sneakers, but also with a button-down and heels. Or the Wrap Skirt, for example, works amazing as a beach cover-up, but when paired with the Crop Tee and mules, also looks super sophisticated for an art opening or the office.

TM: Or even in terms of seasonal styling! Like when we had a pop-up shop during the holidays, we'd wear the Wrap Skirt with a cozy sweater, tights and booties.

Who or what is your muse?

TM: Well, LA is our muse in a sense. Each neighborhood tells a different story and we wanted to create clothing that acts as a blank canvas to tell each of those stories. We also admire that casual, cool French girl attitude—think Jane Birkin or Emmanuelle Alt. They always look so chic without trying too hard!


Let's talk fabric. Tell us a bit about why the ones you use are important or how you choose them.

SL: We make a point of selecting fabrics that are soft, versatile and machine washable! We want our garments to be easy to wear AND easy to care for.

TM: It's very important to us that each material be soft to the touch. No one wants to go through their day feeling itchy and uncomfortable. Quality and ease are key.

The line is made in LA. What about the process do you most appreciate?

SL: Because our line is made in LA, we get to be involved in every aspect of production, from sourcing materials and designing each garment to packaging an order and shipping it off to the customer. It is really gratifying to see everything come together. Every time we have a photoshoot, we share this proud moment of watching our collection come to life.


What garment from the collection have you found yourself wearing over and over?

TM: The Boy Tee in slub linen! I've worn it so many ways. Usually, I'm wearing it with jeans, loafers and a sweater. It's so soft and it drapes so nicely, so I'll just switch to heels and a tuxedo jacket to go out to dinner.

SL: I am obsessed with the Wrap Skirt because it is so easy to wear. I just grab it from my closet and I feel pretty and put together. It is light, airy and perfect for traveling. But almost every day I wear the slub linen Muscle Tank. It goes with everything and is very flattering. The seam we added down the back takes a casual outfit to the next level.

In honor of your "For Sunday" collection, can you each tell us what your ideal Sunday would be?

TM: Sunday is my day to sleep in! Once I'm up, I usually take my dog, Sadie, to get coffee at Alfred and stroll through the Melrose Place farmer's market. Ideally, I'd spend the rest of the day cooking, listening to records, reading and watching HBO.

SL: Sunday is date day for me and my husband, Leo. We usually start the day with a work out and brunch. Then onto something cultural like wandering galleries or going to the latest exhibit. We end the day having dinner with our families and seeing a movie. A perfect day for an S&T outfit, takes me easily through the day.

The For Sunday collection is currently available for purchase online via S&T's site.