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Mixed Business Temporarily Closes Due to a Tragic Accident

Jillian Kliewer/Instagram

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Sad news for fans of Silver Lake's cool women's clothing store Mixed Business (us very much included, as indicated in our posts including here and here). Tuesday at 4am, the storefront was hit by a drunk driver, causing severe damage.

Through a few posts on their Instagram page, the minimalist boutique's owners let followers know about the incident, and as of yesterday admitted that they're not yet aware of where that leaves their business in the meantime. Though we haven't received an official comment from Mixed Business, we're certainly sending our best wishes for a speedy return. And to fellow devotees, we'll give you the update as soon we know it.

Update (March 11th at 1:15pm): Owner Rhianna Tycholis responded to our query with the following statement, "It's been really overwhelming and unbelievable. We are still trying to figure out exactly what we're going to do and working with insurance, etc. But in the meantime [County Ltd] is hosting a Mixed Business pop-up so that's definitely something we would like to share." County Ltd, which just opened at the tail end of last week is located directly across from Mixed Business, at 1837 Hyperion Avenue.

Mixed Business

1820 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (714) 402-3314