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Wine Writer Marissa A. Ross's Prada Bag Holds a Corkscrew, Notepad, More

Welcome to In the Bag, a new weekly feature where local tastemakers reveal what they never leave home without.

Marissa A. Ross

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Self-professed leisure enthusiast and wine drinker/writer Marissa A. Ross knows a thing or two about keeping the essentials on hand. Her work as a contributing editor at Bon Appétit takes her to some seriously swank wine locales, but Ross—an LA girl at heart—keeps it clean and simple with a few must-haves and some chic picks that remind her of career milestones; as a young comedy writer, she landed a gig as Mindy Kaling's personal assistant.

Ross is indeed a hilarious and brilliant writer, and offers a fun, relatable approach to the sometimes intimidating world of vino. (You can have a sample of her handiwork delivered right to your door with LA-based wine service Pour This.) We encourage you to check out her delightful Instagram, but first, take a peek inside her Prada bag.

1. iPhone. Of course. A girl's gotta Instagram!

2. Double-hinged corkscrew. In my line of work, the likelihood of me needing a corkscrew is high and daily. I have like forty of them, in all my bags and all over my car.

3. Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom. Ah, this stuff is the best! Smells like a vacation dream and actually works.

4. Benjamin sunglasses. I just love these. All of Benjamin's stuff is great.

5. Notepad and pen. I'm a very in-the-moment writer—especially with wine—so I always need something to take notes spur of the moment. Otherwise, I end up with a whole bag of scribbled napkins and have to organize them later, which never happens.

6. Prada wallet. My old boss, Mindy Kaling, gave me this wallet for Christmas to match this bag my fiancé bought me in Rome. (It was the first and last bag he's ever bought me, haha.) I love it because it's my only fancy matching accessories, and it makes me feel very professional.

7. Commes des Garcons cardholder. My business cards from Moo also make me feel professional. Heavy card stock, because Patrick Bateman.