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Five Gift Ideas for Stylish Guys, Straight From a Fashion-Forward Fella

Another White Noise/Instagram

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It's Valentine's Day crunch time, and you're still looking for something cool to please the stylish man in your life. No need to stress, since we hunted down one such dude, fashion/lifestyle blogger Phillip Seomun to give us the scoop on the raddest gifts to give your guy for the romantic holiday.

Phil, who also posts pics of certified dopeness on the daily via his Instagram (your guy should follow ASAP) narrowed it down to five pressies perfect for dudes ranging from the seriously shoe addicted (men suffer this affliction too) to the adventure-seeking sort. Oh, and they're all under $100. You're welcome.



Who: The Classicist

What: Killspencer Accessories Case 2.0 ($79)

Why: When we think about leather, we think about the way it ages and changes to the user's liking. The same can be said about love. When you love someone, you want to grow (age) and learn (change) with that person. So why not give him a gift that describes your love for him?



Who: The Dapper Dude

What: Barneys New York Harry's Exclusive Brass Shave Set ($80)

Why: Why not give your man the gift of "Good Morning" every morning? The Harry's set is crucial for any classy guy who takes his grooming seriously.



Who: The Traveling Man

What: Apolis Transit Issue Key Fob ($48)

Why: This LA brand stocks a solid selection of goods to suit the man who loves and lives to travel. Their cool key fob shows you respect his sense of adventure, but also reminds him of home.

Cool Hunting

Who: The Bookworm

What: Denim Dudes: Street Style, Vintage, Workwear, Obsession by Amy Leverton ($25)

Why: Hey, bookworms can be sexy too! Why not appreciate his love for books? This book is the perfect gift for the man who loves both reading and fashion. Each page is chock full of excellent stories from designers, fashionistas, musicians and denim lovers around the globe talking about their love for everything and anything denim.



Who: The Sneakerhead

What: Pintrill Sneaker Pins ($15)

Why: How do you please this shoe freak without spending so much damn money on shoes? Simple! Buy him sneaker pins! He'll love these mini replicas that can be put on a backpack, jacket, cap—or pretty much anywhere—and you won't have to break the bank.