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Exclusive: Gwyneth Paltrow On Juice Beauty and Why She's Still Obsessed With Tracy Anderson

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Gwyneth Paltrow is, in a word, #Goals. In addition to being a legitimate A-list actress (The Talented Mr. RipleyGreat ExpectationsThe Royal Tenenbaums), a global fashion muse (Tom Ford once called her "the perfect person to dress"), and a diehard fitness fiend (more on that later), the Malibu-based talent manages her Goop lifestyle empire while writing new cookbooks and taking care of her two children, Apple and Moses. As if she doesn't have enough to do, GP is now the creative director of Juice Beauty, an organic skincare and makeup line.

Similar to what Paltrow's longtime pal, designer Stella McCartney has done for sustainable fashion, Juice Beauty is a chic and cool take on conscious cosmetics, offering high-performance, certified organic products without compromising style. After getting our hands on the 78-piece collection (this concealer is a game-changer and this liquid lipstick is named after all her famous friends), we sat down with Paltrow to learn about her nightly beauty routine, her current cravings, and why she's so damn loyal to a certain celebrity trainer.

What are your favorite products in the collection?

Besides the primer and foundation, I really love the mascara. You know, mascara is the most toxic beauty product that you can buy; they're usually full of carbon black, which is a petroleum. It's amazing to be able to create a mascara that's all natural and really works. I also love the sheer lipgloss; my favorite shades are "Naked" and "Bikini".

Your daughter Apple is 11 years old now. Does she wear makeup yet?

She's the one who gives me beauty advice! Apple is obsessed with makeup; she watches YouTube tutorials all the time. In fact, for Halloween she did both my and her makeup. I posted it on Instagram:

Do you regret any of your past beauty looks?

Luckily, I've never really taken any big beauty risks. But I do regret that thin eyebrow situation I had going on in the '90s. I really don't look back fondly on that eyebrow.

What's your current evening beauty routine like?

I love putting on my Goop by Juice Beauty cleanser with a hot cloth. I let it emulsify in my hands, and it just melts everything off, including my makeup. It's like an instant facial and you feel it tingle. Then I use our night cream, and that's it. Sometimes I apply our eye cream, but I usually forget it.

What's your fitness routine right now?

I basically always have the same routine: get up with the kids, make breakfast, take them to school, then I take a class at Tracy Anderson Method in Brentwood. So, by 9:30am, before the office even opens, I'm done with all my stuff.

Have you tried any of LA's latest fitness crazes, or are you all Tracy, all the time?

I've been going to Tracy Anderson for 10 years, and it's the only workout I've ever done that transformed my entire body. Before Tracy, I was a total yogi and did Pilates, but never saw a change. So, I worship her. I mean, sometimes I do a boxing class because my shrink tells me it's good for me once in a while [laughs], but other than that, I haven't tried any new workouts. I'm behind the times!

Keep doing what you're doing, because you look amazing. How do you stay motivated?

I started wearing a heart monitor in cardio class, and it's really helped motivate me. You know, after I turned 40, I never really had to think about what I ate, but now at my age, I have to be slightly more disciplined. I definitely don't diet, though—I love my french fries and martinis!