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Four Genius Valentine's Day Gifts That Last Longer Than Chocolates and Flowers


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Now that you're feeling all warm and fuzzy after yesterday's LA Love Stories, it might be a good time to lock down your babe's Valentine's Day gift. Although we def love a good candy box and floral arrangement, what if your fitness-minded lover is anti-sweets or happens to be allergic to flowers? Or what if you're known for your incredibly clever gifts and need to step it up? Or what if tradition simply isn't your relationship's vibe? If any of these situations are the case, here are four creative, LA-made options for bae that just might fit the bill.


Pour This

What: Pour This "The Love Pour" wine box 
Why: This LA-based company has created a charming Valentine's Day-themed package that features three delicious and unique wines, as well as a recipe for dinner and even a music playlist to set the mood while you sip. Now, this is what we call a party in a box.
Price: $98. Order by this Sunday to receive by February 14th.



What: Yoshirt custom apparel and accessories
Why: Whether your Valentine is DrakeThe Pope, or a furry friend, show them just how down you are but printing their mug on a clutches, T-shirts, tote bags, sweatshirts, iPhone cases, leggings, or even socks. We fell hard for this Cali-based app last year, and have been addicted to its one-of-a-kind apparel ever since. 
Price: $24-$69


Tappan Collective

What: Tappan Collective "Cotton Makeout" print by Ashkahn Shahparnia
Why: We're so glad that this online art platform hooked up with Racked Holiday Market talent, Silver Lake-based Ashkahn to create this exclusive print. In addition to offering your honey a super-sweet message to hang on their wall (framed or not), this print includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered by Tappan's founder.
Price: $50+


Scent Bar

What: Scent Bar gift certificate (7405 Beverly Blvd)
Why: Instead of assigning your lover a fragrance or assuming that they want a refill on their usual eau de parfum, why not invite them to discover their new, exclusive signature scent at this essential LA shop? Gift certs can be purchased at the store, or if you're sadly away from your lover this holiday, sent via e-mail.
Price: $50-$200