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What Happened to Trink Turk's West 3rd Street Store?

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Fans of the fun, feminine styles of Trina Turk may have freaked recently if they happened upon her now-shuttered 3rd Street storefront. However, we've learned there's no cause for alarm; the store's simply relocating.

Despite the fact that the location closed its doors without any obvious warning (the staff at nearby Mom's the Word told us no moving/closing sales were held), a sign taped to the door announces to patrons and passersby that the store is simply finding another spot elsewhere. For now, Turk-loving ladies looking to get their fix can shop her Newport Beach and Manhattan Beach addresses, as well as her South Pas outlet.

We reached out to a rep for Turk, who let us know that so far a new location hasn't been solidified. But good news: we're told "they are looking for a location in LA with more foot traffic and better parking." Sounds good to us.

Trina Turk

8008 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323) 651-1382