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Florist Yasmine Khatib's California Inspired Closet Also Boasts a Cape Collection

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It's a rarity to find florist Yasmine Khatib without an expertly finessed bouquet in-hand. The Orange County native, who now resides in LA's Atwater Village neighborhood is as easily as identified by her baroque-inspired bundles (which she has been known to randomly distribute at cafes and airports) as she is her elegant, vintage ensembles which—depending on the season—could include capes, super wide-brimmed straw hats, or Gunne Sax maxis.

When Khatib isn't hosting floral pop-ups or workshops around town, she's selling out her floral tutorials in other geographic locations—most recently New Zealand. Her success may also be party attributed to her social media notoriety, something the florist modestly blushes away. But her 68,500 followers on Instagram are no accident. Her fans can't get enough perfectly edited shots her arrangements (which often incorporate non-floral natural elements like mushrooms or kumquat branches) and her enviable head-to-toe looks.

We caught up with Yasmine near her usual Atwater haunts (Proof Bakery, Individual Medley) to learn her how her home state influences her fashion as much as her work, and the anonymous ghosts whose styles she covets.

Tell us about your outfit:

The linen blouse is Me & Arrow, a line of beautiful womenswear made in LA. I bought it at Individual Medley, which is basically the only place I shop for new clothes. The denim skirt is vintage, as is almost everything in my closet. It's also California made (I was born and raised in the Golden State and have a lot of CA pride). The vintage scarf is from a thrift store in Tuscon. My aunt gave me the straw clutch. It was hers when she was my age in the late sixties.

Describe your style in three words:

Victorian meets fifties (and sixties, and seventies). With a California twist.

What LA boutique is your happy place?

Individual Medley. Even if this store wasn't owned by one of my best friends, I'd still list it as my favorite. It's like my beautifully curated second home.

What fashion item are you obsessed with buying right now?

I started a cape collection when I was 19, visiting chilly Philadelphia for the first time. Since then I've added a few capes to my closet every year. Some are light and end at my elbows, others are thick, heavy wool and drag on the ground. The collection makes little sense, as I live in LA, and it's rarely cold enough. But I love them aesthetically. I even had a custom cape made, so it could fit my narrow shoulders just right.

What are you currently on the hunt for?

Beautifully worn-in, vintage southwestern boots. I'm also always in the market for vintage white blouses. They're a coveted rarity.

Who's your style crush?

I don't really have one. I'm often inspired by old photographs, that I rifle through at thrift stores, of women in the fifties and sixties. Oh, and postcards of stylish women in the thirties in Mexico. I've been really into off-the-shoulder white blouses and long, flowing skirts lately.