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What 11 Superstar Stylists Hope to See on the Oscars Red Carpet

Brad Goreski/Instagram

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Now that we've predicted which designers will grace the bodies of celebrities at this Sunday's Academy Awards, it's time to turn to the pros for further insight. Stylists are the real saints during awards season, putting in serious hours to curate best-dressed-worthy looks for their clients and pull last-minute tricks out of their hats when things don't go as planned.

It's safe to say that stylists have seen it all in the past few months, which is why we've tapped some of our favorite celeb secret weapons—from Chrissy Teigen's go-to Anita Patrickson to Kaley Cuoco's main man Brad Goreski—to see what trends they're rooting for on the holy grail of red carpets.



"I hope that ladies have fun with fashion and showcase their own personal style. I think there may be more some high neck and backless gowns, and possibly gloves; I'm predicting Old Hollywood glamour made modern with sheer and fitted silhouettes. Hopefully someone will wear one of Valentino or Alexander McQueen's exquisite gowns." — Nola Singer



"I am hoping to see a lot of embellishment and prints. Valentino, Gucci, and a lot of the big fashion houses are embracing this super-cool, '70s retro vibe, and I just love it! It’s so edgy and chic and a very welcome break from the overly sheer, sexy numbers we are getting a little saturated with." — Anita Patrickson



"I'm hoping to see lots of beading on the Oscars red carpet because isn't the whole thing about glitz and glamour?" — Brad Goreski, E! Fashion Police co-host



"This year, I am anticipating seeing a lot of statement jewelry. The Oscars are the final night of awards season and an opportunity for the girls to really pump it up! Expect to see statement necklaces and big jewelry. There is nothing I love more than accessories." — Maeve Reilly



"I'd like to see stars explore diverse silhouettes—a jumpsuit with a train, for example. Designers such as Monique L'huillier, Christian Dior, even Escada—who is known for very traditional lines—are rebranding and taking risks with fresh, innovative designs. Playing it safe in a strapless mermaid gown or one-shoulder sequin gown just doesn’t make the cut for the insatiable fashion savvy set." — Joey Tierney



"Skin, skin, skin! Cutouts, plunging necklines, and high slits. I really just want everyone to be happy in their own skin and not care what anyone else thinks." — Natalie Saidi



"What I'm hoping to see this year on the red carpet is a real wow factor. I want to see well-done sequins, new necklaces, maybe even a jumpsuit with a clean yet sexy silhouette. I'm ready for chances to be taken and something that will last the hype on social media for more then a day, which is hard to come by." — Angela Fink



"I can't wait to celebrate women who cover up on Sunday. High necks, long sleeves, and closed toe shoes are sometimes more of a risk than cleavage and high-slits, but worth the effort every step of the carpet." — Daniel Musto



"I personally really love the fashion trend of very feminine, yet effortless and undone. Diane Kruger nails it every time, whether she is wearing couture or ready to wear. Something is always understated, like her makeup or hair, or the way she chooses to style her accessories. Less is always more." — Dana Goldenberg



"I'm ready to see some dreamy and ethereal glitz. I never thought I would say this because I am very anti-cliche on the red carpet, but I'm ready for a change from the super minimal and clean looks. Also, the metallics, beading, and sequins were done so well for spring 2016 and what we've seen from fall 2016.  My favorite way to see this trend is in an unexpected way, like a bow on a Gucci dress, the butterflies on the Alexander McQueen gowns, or the floral and nature-inspired details at the spring couture shows. For the men, I hope to see some pattern!" — Sara Paulsen



"The 2016 Oscars red carpet is going to be all about a simple, refined dress silhouette paired with an unexpected statement accessory, like a bold choker necklace or whimsical headband. With pop culture so heavily focusing on models recently, I think stylists are redefining drama; it's no longer about how big your dress is, but instead, how model-esque you look in it. Less is more!" — El Shane