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Modern Mystics Will Love MoonPi's Magical Handmade Jewelry

MoonPi Jewelry

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With a name like hers, Jennie Stone seemed destined for a career as either a geologist or a jewelry designer. Lucky for us, she opted for the latter. Her cosmos-inspired collection, MoonPi, consists of handmade sterling and gold cuffs, rings, pins, pendants and more sparkling with gemstones like Mexican fire opals and domestically sourced onyx and turquoise.

In addition to offering sustainably-created ready-made pieces—either available via her site or in-store at local shops Individual Medley and Reform School—Stone also offers the option of custom designs, for those with a special stone or concept in mind. Recently we got a hold of the Glendale-based jeweler to learn a little more about her nature-influenced line, including the baubles she can hardly keep in stock and how she keeps her business as green as possible.

You're a native Angelean but grew up mostly in Washington. What do you miss about the landscape there?

Northeastern Washington is a very crisp green place. I miss how clearly you can see the stars at night and the sweet natural spring water straight out of the facet.

Where do you go in LA for inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere, wherever you are, if you are open to it. I am kind of hyper sensitive to my surroundings; even walking my dog, something I see might spark an idea. I just try to start with an idea, invest the time to do the work and let it evolve.

You developed MoonPi because you had a hard time finding jewelry in your aesthetic. What about fashion? As in, are there shops in LA you love to look for clothes?

I am a simple sundress, jeans and t-shirt kind of person. I find myself mostly at thrift shops and little boutiques around the Atwater area. I think it's important to support other local and small business when possible.

Tell us about a custom piece you've made that was particularly memorable.

I'm working on a ring right now that two sisters and I designed for their mom as a birthday gift. The stone choices along with how they are arranged were symbolic to them. I love that my job allows me to be a part of making that memory.

What are some of your top sellers?

Rings are the biggest sellers. The Luna Talisman and any kind of stacking ring, other notables would be the Shadow Box pendants and the stacking and Santa Fe cuff styles.

You're very concerned with sustainability. Can you tell us some of the ways you do that?

As a consumer I have a responsible to control and be aware of my waste. I reuse all my scrap metal and try to keep my need for packing supplies down by recycling shipping materials from incoming orders. It all helps.

You're still such a young company. What are your plans for 2016? Or beyond?

I am constantly learning and growing along the way. That's the biggest goal, to keep getting better at your craft. I have a list of personal projects and a book full of sketches that I would love to bring to life. There will be a handful of new styles and pieces that will in the next shop update.