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Jeannie Mai’s Surprising Secret Closet Weapon and Relationship Advice

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Jeannie Mai came in like a ray of sunshine on How Do I Look and has taken her expertise and personality from television to YouTube and back again as co-host of The Real. We love her for her bubbly personality and matching style but most of all, how candid she is. Mai describes herself as "The girl that will rock a onesie out in public when I can" and admits to living in her military boots on the weekends in order to preserve the toes—make that a movement, our feet are killing us!

Mai has been booked heavy with travel and filming the second season of Fox’s hit show and when this babe mentions her favorite brands, it’s not all fashion all of the time. True, she loves a Bodkier handbag but at the top of her list is Moveloot, a website that has made furniture shopping much easier, and the Samsung phone she swears by. Oh, the coordinating headphones and custom created Louis Vuitton case are the "sickest in the biz." There’s our girl.

We checked in with style maven to get a glimpse of what a day in her shoes is really like. Hint. She’s traded in her favorite pair of cowgirl boots—her "secret weapon" and a gift from her hubby—for several pairs of heels and coordinating outfits. And what’s the first thing she does when that alarm goes off before even the sun is awake? "Thank God for getting me up." We're with ya sista.

5:30 AM

"Ugh. It's so hard to wake up when my bed is all squishy warm and I was dreaming about a sale at Ted Baker. I need new blazers!"

6:00 AM

"Have to start the day off right and fuel up on energy. Yes, I eat savory, raw wraps and gluten free snacks in the AM. And let’s face it, chopsticks make everything more fun to eat."

9:00 AM

"Always a fun time dishing about mai fave trends on the set of Hollywood Today Live. These guys make it so fun!"

11:00 AM

"Had to squeeze in a meeting with my wonderful agents because 2016 has just begun. The path to success is to take massive, determined action."

1:30 PM

"At a photo shoot for Audrey Magazine discussing looks with mai stylist Daniel Musto. It’s very hard to find someone who understands your aesthetic when it comes to styling. It brings me such joy to be able to tell Daniel my vision once, and he stretches it in 20 different inventive directions."

2:00 PM

"No look is complete without a good ‘beat.’ Jojo is an absolute fave because she makes me feel so comfortable and confident with my own unique features."

4:30 PM

"Channeling that inner Beyonce—or at least pretending to."

7:00 PM

"Date night with the hubz. Love him for putting up with me when it comes to my exotic palette and need for adventurous eats!"

11:00 PM

"Tellin’ ya ladies, when a man tells you he’s good with his hands—beweave him."