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Show Your Political Stance with These Hilarious, Hairy Socks

Danielle Garza/Instagram

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Sure, bumper stickers are cool but the raddest way to rep your presidential hopeful is on your feet—literally. Gumball Poodle's Bernie and Trump "hairy" socks (complete with each of their signature 'dos) have gained massive popularity since they premiered at Las Vegas's Magic tradeshow just a few days ago.

Though the $30 socks will not officially be available for purchase until March 2nd (via the site here), their Facebook debut has already earned over 200,000 views. Whether you're Feelin' the Bern or more of a Trump-er (btw, where are the Hil socks?), you'll wanna snag your pair before they're gone, so stay tuned to the site and place your order as soon as they launch—since we imagine their high-demand could cause a quick sell-out.