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Hollywood’s Secret Weapon George Clinton on Meltdowns, Martinis, and Red Carpet Misses

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George Clinton (no, not that one) might be Hollywood’s best kept secret and we are ready to spill. Born in the US but raised in Germany, Tinseltowns go-to tailor was classically trained in mens before moving back to the red, white, and blue "at the tinder age of 21" where he would settle down in Los Angeles.

Clinton had hardly unpacked his things before he landed a coveted position to train under Bob Mackie, making costumes for big timers like Cher and those Golden gals. After Mackie bootcamp, Clinton moved to New York for a stint where he was bossman in the alterations departments at both Armani and Jeffrey NY. Of course, he eventually moved back to LA and then took over celebrity tailoring with clients like Jennifer Lawrence, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and basically every other A-lister with an imdB account.

After years of perfecting other designers' work so celebs can walk that Best Dressed list, one thing led to another which led to Clinton’s end passion — Clinton Bespoke. His first celebrity client was Zac Efron and since then he has seen his designs on the backs of Joe Manganiello, Jason Statham and Josh Hutcherson for the press tour of that little film, Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2, maybe you’ve heard of it? His customs start at $2100 and include a consultation — where he and the client discuss design elements, choose fabrics, and measurements are taken — and a final fitting to get that tailored Clinton look that every man is after.

We checked in with the designer right in the middle of awards season and got the download on Hollywood meltdowns, happy hour recoveries, and what red carpet no-no really makes him cringe.

What are you drinking today?

I am drinking the Roots 2 — love the ginger and carrot.

Describe the George Clinton signature look.

Sharp and sophisticated.

Denim or Lace?


What is on your studio playlist?

I’m really obsessed with old 60’s rock.

South Beach or South America?

Definitely South America

What is the biggest meltdown moment you’ve ever had?

Everyday. Everyday of my life is a meltdown. I’m kidding. Once we were trying to zip an actress into her Golden Globes gown and she partied the night before and it didn’t fit, it was like 3 inches too tight.

How’d you fix it?

I got my magic wand out.

What’s going on in your head when you have to tailor a celeb look that is Worst Dressed material?

Listen, there’s nothing too ugly that I can’t fix it. [pats back] No actually we all laugh about them behind their backs.

What’s your happy hour drink order?

Ketel Martini with blue cheese olives.

Career highlight?

Working with legends like Caroline Kennedy and Annie Lennox.

Do you believe in ghosts?

No, I’m too realistic.

Black or White?


Best vacation you’ve ever been on?

São Paulo, Brazil with my honey.

Perfect night out?

The perfect night out is staying in.

Anything you see on the carpet that makes you cringe?

Poor tailoring, someone that’s in a dress too tight.

So, how do you feel about Kim Kardashian?

No comment.