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Hustler's New Hollywood Boulevard Location Won't Be Nearly As Iconic

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Whether or not you're a fan of brave lingerie and sex toys, chances are that you've stepped into Hustler's legendary flagship on Sunset Strip. From its huge, circular neon sign to its sprawling square footage to the metal globe about the store, the racy retailer's former location commanded your attention when driving by. This effect will soon be no more, now that Hustler has relocated to Hollywood Boulevard.

We recently spotted the progress of Hustler's new digs—which will feature lifestyle items in addition to its "ever-expanding toy selection"—and it just didn't offer the same, in-your-face effect as the old location. Sure, it scored a prime corner space, but the signage is pretty basic and looks like every other sexy shop on the block. (And on Hollywood Boulevard, there are a lot of them.)


Although Hustler's new spot, which is set to open very soon, doesn't hold a (BDSM) candle to it's previous store from the exterior, we're guessing that the one-stop sex shop will still be a tourist magnet and will likely fill the void that similarly glorified Frederick's of Hollywood left behind when it shuttered last year.

Hustler Hollywood

6540 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA