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The World's Largest Float Therapy Center Opens in Pasadena

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If you're looking for a new place to recharge your mind, body, and soul, welcome to Just Float. Located in Pasadena, this unique center offers a whopping 11 float rooms containing extra-large enclosed tubs, making it the largest float center not just in LA, but the world.

If you've ever floated in a pool, then you know all about that minute of quiet, calming relaxation. Now, imagine being treated to 60 minutes of that same state, which reportedly reduces anxiety and improves sleep. Each tub (there's even a handicap-accessible one) features 1,300 pounds of epsom salt dissolved in 250 gallons of water and heated to 93.5 degrees, and each room is customizable, allowing the guest to choose between music or silence, and darkness or soft lighting. Feeling claustrophobic? There's also the option to enter an open tub.

See below to get a feel for the floating experience, and book a $60 session here.