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Vogue Asks LA-Based French Girls to Explain Why Our City Is So Great

Manufaktura Kultury

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Although it's no news flash to us, the world is still fascinated by California's rising influence on the fashion industry. In addition to tons of global brands wanting in on our retail evolution and bringing their celebrity-filled fashion shows here, a number of international style stars are also making the West Coast move; Vogue asked a few of them—ranging from musicians to designers—to defend their Los Angeles love affair.

When it comes to LA style, all eight girls agree that it's a free-for-all here, and they wouldn't have it any other way. "You can go grab coffee in a kimono and just a pair of heels, and nobody will notice," explains artist Lucile Luttot. "In Paris, they will probably take you to the mental institution for that!"

Racked friend Flavie Webster of Cerre agrees, adding, "I mean, sometimes style gets crazy here, but at least people are trying to be different, and I find that refreshing."

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