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Fashion's Favorite Chef on Cooking for Zoolander and Her Lucky Skechers

Chef Cristina Bowerman with Vanessa Hudgens
Chef Cristina Bowerman with Vanessa Hudgens

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Cristina Bowerman is one of the most stylish Michelin star chefs in the world. The Italy-born, hot pink-coiffed talent received the prestigious culinary honor back in 2010—the only female to earn the award that year—and has since scored a number of accolades, including the title of Chef Ambassador for the 2015 World Expo.

In addition to hosting cooking demos for Hollywood favorites like Vanessa Hudgens and delivering meals to supermodels like Karlie Kloss, Chef Cristina also has a thriving catering company under her LA-based Crateful empire. Her inventive dishes and spunky spirit are also frequently requested on the set of major films, most recently the so-hot-right-now Zoolander 2.

Here, Chef Cristina tells us about her experience serving the Vogue cover star while professing her love for a shoe brand you probably forgot existed.

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What would you consider the most stylish food to serve for at-home entertaining?
There are so many. I'd say the most fashionable is a healthy one. Vibrant colors generally go together with healthy food, so I would probably propose an avocado amaranth mandarin mini portion to serve with some seaweed. It's good, easy, healthy, and not that expensive.

What's a romantic food idea for Valentine's Day?
For me, there is something about eating with your hands that feels very romantic. No silverware, just hands. Imagine enjoying a red beet tartare or a tortello to dip into a 30 months aged Grana Padano sauce. Eating with your hands slows down your eating rate, allowing you to taste your food better. It also brings you back to yourself and, of course, your partner.

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Who are some of your most stylish celebrity clients?
Recently, it was Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Kristin Wiig, and Penelope Cruz. I was lucky enough to serve them throughout the months spent in Rome while filming Zoolander 2. They're absolutely wonderful people—really down to earth and very much gourmets.

I've also enjoyed cooking for Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall, Martha Stewart, Emmy Rossum, Vanessa Hudgens, and Elizabeth Olsen.

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Do you have a lucky pair of shoes or piece of clothing that you wear while cooking?
Yes, absolutely. I wear Skechers work line shoes, all the way! Plus, I also use my special squared-tip spoon.

Finally, name three celebrities that you're still dying to cook for.
I would love to cook for Hillary Clinton, Lenny Kravitz, and Ellen Degeneres.

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Learn more about Chef Cristina Bowerman's Crateful catering and meal delivery services here.