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Meet the Savvy LA Style Star Blowing Up Instagram

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Stephen Paul Stocker

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These days, with Instagram creating a widely accessible platform for anyone to broadcast their style, it seems like one fashion blogger's "signature look" is the same as the next. In a sea of black-and-white palettes, washed out pastels, and tightly-edited, minimal Insta fashion posts (we're looking at you, Whitagram), MADMAVENSTYLE stands out as a rich, luxe counterpoint, balancing the whole game with jewel-toned duds, vivid makeup, and whimsical backdrops.

The face behind the curtain is Vegas-born editorial style blogger, model, and stylist Nikia Lee Provenzano, whose delightful, cheery, and eclectic aesthetic will make you reconsider your beloved but perhaps stale wardrobe staples. Provenzano is a bona fide MacGyver when it comes to mixing and matching prints, finding new ways to wear trendy pieces, and repurposing accessories for different uses. When she's not curating her own site, you can spot her posing on a red carpet with seriously chic gal pals, or modeling like a pro in Gladys Tamez Millinery. Plus, her eyebrows are on fleek. We sat down with MADMAVENSTYLE to find out a little more about her amazing look and favorite spots in LA.

Any tips for creating that flawless matte lip that you rock?

Thanks for that compliment! My flawless matte lip is all compliments of Lime Crime's Velvetines. Their stuff is magic. PURE magic, I don't even use a liner with it!

Give us your top three LA shopping spots.

My top three LA shopping spots would have to be Wasteland, Slow, and Zara. It's weird though, since I've been blogging, I don't get out to shop as much. It's all mostly online.

Obvi you’re an amazing stylist, but what really inspires you when you’re dressing yourself?

What inspires me when I'm dressing myself is to look unique, but without coming off as "trying" to be unique. I really love creating new ways to wear certain things. Like lately I've been on this kick of wearing scarves in giant messy tied knots on my head with a big brimmed hat. It's really magical, and definitely is a statement. I really enjoy a good style statement. I definitely think great fashion comes with confidence.

Any LA trends that you really can’t stand?

I wouldn't necessarily say that there's an LA trend I dislike per say, but I'm not super into the whole "street" vibe that's going on lately. I also don't really love shirts that say New York, Paris, London, that kind of stuff on them. Oh! Also, I am so not digging on men wearing shorts to their knees. It's weird.

How do you keep your skin looking so perfect?

My skin is far from perfect! That's all Photoshop, haha, but I do have a great regimen. I use Proactiv on my skin. Even though it's pretty intense, my skin feels even and nice. Lots of moisturizers, and honestly I don't really wear foundation much. I'm really into the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, it's pretty fantastic.

Who’s in your squad?

I mean, apart from my amazing boyfriend/creator-and-lord-of-all-cocktails Mark Daoust (he's running the bar program over at Tenants Of The Trees in Silver Lake), and my dogs Apollo and Hermes, my main chicks are Casey Carlson [of Officially Quigley], she's an amazing musician and fashion lover like myself, and my other best gal Alexa Younger, an incredible menswear designer for pro athletes. So I basically surround myself with some pretty amazing humans on the regular.