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Valleybrink Road's Barrett Prendergast Shares Her Go-To Gifting Tips and More

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Last week we learned about chef/gifter/tastemaker Barrett Prendergast's cute love story with her photographer husband (and business partner) André Vippolis, but that wasn't quite enough. As avid followers of her Instagram feed, we happen to know that Valleybrink Road's owner has an enviable life full of camping adventures, dance parties with adorable son Costa, and some pretty drool-worthy meals.

Since she's in the business of gifting (in addition to creating curated gift boxes, Prendergast's company just started offering flower arrangements for delivery in LA or OC) and food (VBR has beautiful boutique catering services), we made sure to ask her more about those two topics, amid a series of rapid fire questioning at Silver Lake's Moon Juice. Now we've got her best tips on cooking a super simple meal, buying clothes that feel both pretty and easy for #momlife, and getting a glow without the help of lotions or potions.

What are you drinking?

Today I'm drinking Lait de coco. It's not sweet at all. It's just water and coconut meat blended together. Refreshing!

Beach or wilderness?

I think it depends on the mood. I like wilderness in the winter. Cozy, cabin vibes. And then beach in the summertime.

Best easy meal—with a bare cupboard?

Cacio e pepe. It's pasta with black pepper and a little bit of a pasta water and pecorino romano. And olive oil, and that's it. Usually I have all those things at my house.

Best indulgent meal?

Right now my favorite indulgent meal is Bestia. They have these ricotta dumplings with black truffle. in some kind of cheese broth. And it is incredible. I mean I think about it long after I've had it. For days! And then I tell everyone.

Go-to LA play date spot for little ones?

We go to the Silver Lake meadow. It's a quiet place where they don't allow dogs and it's clean and nice so you don't have to worry about the kids. We take Costa there and he runs around and plays. Just set up your blanket and that's all you need.

Where do you get cute kids clothes for Costa?

Recently I buy all his stuff from Zara. A lot of Zara, a lot of Mabo, things from Individual Medley. They have a really cute kids section.

Favorite nearby getaway for an easy day trip?

I would say Ojai. We go to the Ojai Rancho Inn. That's where we had our Babymoon. I think that place is amazing. And El Capitan in Santa Barbara is really wonderful. We just went there for New Year's in the cabins. That's good for kids.

Where could you blow way too much money for clothes in LA?

I feel like I haven't been shopping in so long. When I shop I go to Mohawk General Store. I'll get Apiece Apart or Acne stuff. I bought a lot of Christy Dawn dresses recently before it got cold and I was wearing those like my uniform every day. It's an amazing price point and honestly it's so easy with a child, too, because I felt pretty and I felt comfortable.

Ideal gift for anyone (even someone you don't know very well)?

Flowers! I mean who doesn't like flowers? A nice bouquet of flowers always brightens up my day. You don't have to worry, "Are they going to use this? Are they going to like it? Is this their style?" It's like, they're flowers.

Which VBR box is the top seller?

The Sweet Box. For a lot of people gifting to someone they don't know too well, it's kind of like, who wouldn't like a few gourmet treats? It's not too specific and it's small amounts of stuff so you can try this new brand of almonds or you can try a bite of this chocolate bar. It allows people to have little tastes and discover new things.

What's your #1 natural beauty tip?

I think that at least for me, it's all connected to diet and how much water you drink. You have to hydrate—which a lot of people don't—and much more than you think. It's having a balanced diet and staying away from processed food and refined sugars, and I think that reflects in your skin and in your body and all that. There's no miracle cream or serum. I think it goes deeper than that.

Moon Juice

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