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LA's Five Most Tasty, Effective Juice Cleanses to Jumpstart 2016

How You Glow

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We won't judge what you ate/drank this holiday season but we will do you a solid (no pun intended) and point you in the right direction to start off the new year with a much-needed jolt to the system. To kick off our Best Year Ever coverage, we're rounding up the city's very best juice cleanses beloved by celebs, bloggers, models and beyond who are in-the-know when it comes to all things wellness.

Whether you want to go hard with a liquid-only plan or need a few healthful bites included in your routine, the following cleanses will all leave you feeling refreshed from the inside out. With benefits that include a better complexion, boosted metabolism, and bloat relief, 2016 will be looking pretty good on you.


Moon Juice/Instagram

Why: Go big or go home, right? Opt for fashion industry fave's (the brand has made appearances on GOOP and on the pages of Elle and Vogue) Green Cleanse—their leanest and greenest—if you're serious about keeping sugar to a minimum. But salvation to this 8-drink-a-day regimen comes in the form of the spiritual juice shop's beloved Lait de Coco, a rich coconut milk that, despite its lack of additional sweetness, will keep you hanging in there amid the multitude of hearty green blends. The cleanse also comes with a tummy-soothing Aloe Tonic. Local delivery is available, in case you don't live near one of the outposts.
Price: $70/day


Megan Salisbury/Instagram

Why: Cleanse newbies who don't mind nixing solids for a few days should start with Cleanse 1, which thankfully packs a few satiating and protein-rich almond milks along with a rainbow assortment of fruit and veggie blends (for a little extra, you can also add cleansing waters to the mix). We braved this liquid-only cleanse back in June, and swore it left us feeling lighter and brighter. Though free delivery is available, this popular brand has plenty of locations throughout the city so you can scoop up your daily dose practically wherever you are. And if you act quickly (like, really quicky) you can take advantage of their too-good-to-be-true New Years Cleanse Deal, surely the best in town.
Price: $29.50/day through January 10th


Glow Bio/Instagram

What: Glow Bio
Why: We previously gave this celeb faved brand's Conscious Cleanse the ol' college try, so we can say with full confidence that this is the one to go for if you just can't do without a few solids in your diet. In addition to nutritionist-to-the-stars Kimberly Snyder's popular Glowing Green smoothie to start and finish the day, the 3-day cleanse (1 and 5 day options are also available) includes probiotic-enhanced juices, and sustenance in the form of—gasp—actual food! Raw, healthful food (like vegan salads and chia pudding), that is. Plus we love the this plan is seriously regimented, so there's less room for user error and optimum opportunity for great glowy, rejuvenating results.
Price: $180 (shipping is an additional fee)

Beauty Coach

Why: Another cleanse that lets us snack a bit, this hip local juice chain's 3-day Semi Cleanse, upgraded with a $15-more-a-day "Make It Cushy" option, gives us plenty of the unique blends the brand is known for (Block Rockin' Beets with cilantro and lemon is clutch—and the name is rad) plus the creamy nut milks, laxative teas, superfood bars, and raw soups. We barely feel like we're depriving ourselves.
Price: $210 (includes upgrade)

LaJolla Mom

What: Beaming
Why: Devotees like Taryn Manning and Chrissy Teigen have been known to clutch bottles by this brand, which offers a Lifestyle Cleanse that, like the last two mentioned, lets users enjoy a few solid foods (raw roups and salads) as well as detoxifying juice blends, superfood protein smoothies, and enhancing elixirs to hit the reset button on your digestive system and reboot your metabolism (yes please!). The daily caloric intake stays between 1200-1400 so you shouldn't feel starved and you'll exit the cleanse with a new outlook to overhaul your daily diet—rather than tempted to dive into that holiday cookie tin. We tried this one back in June and were psyched on its bloat-reducing results.
Price: $245 for a 3-day plan