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Boxing Babe Erika Hammond Top Athleisure Picks and On-the-Go Workouts

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We’ve been tirelessly working toward having our healthiest mind and body for 2016 but we know that sometimes it’s hard to fit those workouts into our bossbabe schedules. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We had a catch-up sesh with one of LA’s Hottest Trainers and Prevail coach, Erika Hammond, who had some pointers on how to stay focused when there aren't enough hours in the day.

Let’s start with short workouts that are perfect between meetings or on that 15 minute lunch break. 1) Ab Sprinters, "Your core will thank you after four minutes of these. 2) Glute Bridges, "Say hello to that Kardashian booty after this tabata. 3) Push-ups. "Drop to those knees to modify and as your muscles strengthen, progress." And if that full-body workout plan doesn’t quite fit your lifestyle, "Incorporate physical activity into your everyday life by running, walking, or biking to and from work or errands you need to run," she suggests. "Now-a-days there are also so many at-home 30-45 minute workouts you can do at the beginning or end of your work day."

We had the bombshell’s full attention, so of course we couldn’t stop there. Hammond has mastered the art of choosing an outfit that works when you have to run straight from the gym to brunch with the gals and even back for that late night yoga class. We hit Lululemon’s Robertson store where she walked us through her favorite pieces that are perfect for a busy gal’s lifestyle.

What: Splendour Bra ($52)
Benefit: Support
Why: "Okay, first of all, how fun is the design and color of this sports bra? Love me some hot pink. Also, I love the support this bra gives; whether I’m doing cardio, lifting weights, or teaching, I definitely like support and this one gives just enough. And for those ladies, like me, who weren’t blessed with the tatasit’s padded too!"

What: That’s a Wrap ($128)
Benefit: Warmth
Why: "I am obsessing with the color burgundy for this winter/early spring, so of course I had to pick out a burgundy sweater. I wear minimal clothing for hot yogait’s hotso when I come out of class at night all sweaty, I’m always so chilly. This is the perfect sweater to throw on before and after a yoga class or even to run a few errands. It's cozy but cute!"

What: Take it Easy Tank ($48)
Benefit: Versatile
Why: "I’m constantly on the run and always looking for that cute tank to throw on. This has the muscle tank vibe but it goes just low enough to give a little peek of the abs without being too much. This is the tank workout in, run errands in, and can even throw on a pair of jeans and heels and wear it out. It’s a super versatile piece."

What: Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise ($88)
Benefit: Comfort
Why: "Right when I put these pants on I yelled "These are so comfy!" I’m not kiddingso comfy. They are high rise, which I love because I hate constantly having to pull up a pair of workout pants. These are cotton, and while I usually don’t work out in cotton pants, I love lounging around and brunching in some cute cotton Lulus."

What: Hustle in Your Bustle Jacket ($128)
Benefit: Form-fitting
Why: "This is actually one of my favorite pieces from Lulu. I wear mine all the time, from teaching and going to the gym to the airport and training clients. The jacket is tight fitting so it shows off all the curves which I LOVE!"

What: Down for a Run Vest ($138)
Benefit: Stylish
Why: "This is vest is great because its form-fitting so when I zip it up, it accentuates the curves. It’s also one of those sporty but stylish pieces. I definitely feel like if there was a modern day Sporty Spice this would be one of her go-to pieces. Super stylish to wear during the day with a tank or long sleeve underneath!"

What: Wild Tank ($64)
Benefit: Double whammy
Why: "Two for one? I’m in. I absolutely love sports bras with fun backs but I can never find a tank that shows it well. Hello! Here is the solution: a backless tank with a sports bra built in! And because the back is open it’s super airy and if you sweat like me, it’s great for any workout."