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Eight Sweet Gifts for Your Wedding Party Girl Squad

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Remember how last time you stood up in a wedding, you shelled out an insane amount of cash on everything from the lingerie brunch (where you awkwardly sat next to the bride's mom while the guest of honor opened lacy, racy thongs) to the heinous bridesmaid dress (psst! See this list to make sure that one never happens again) and all you got to show for it was a poly-blend shoulder wrap?

When it's your time to be a bride, don't make the same mistake your homegirl did and check out our picks for cool wedding party gifts. From monogrammed clutches for your bridesmaids to stash lipstick and cash tips for the open bar during the nuptial night to a beautifully curated box of home-spa goodies so they can pamper themselves when it's all said and done, this roundup of locally-sourced loot ought to give you a few ideas of how to thank your bridesmaid for all she's done with something she'll actually be psyched about.