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Spectacle Star Julia Gogosha Talks 'Walking Dead' and Her Beauty Go-To

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Julia Gogosha was one of the first cool kids on the block. The 3200 block of Sunset Boulevard of Silver Lake to be specific. When she opened her premium eyewear and sunglass boutique Gogosha Optique eight years ago, the neighborhood was hardly the high-end shopping destination it is now (see A.P.C., Aesop, Shinola, etc.).

With nearly two decades of experience in the industry under her belt, Julia's aim has always been to provide customers with highly personalized service which includes custom styling and fitting frames on an individual basis (the shop accepts private appointments as well as drop-ins). She's also added a location on bustling West 3rd Street since opening the Eastside optique, so shoppers now have two places they can count on to find the coolest and most cutting edge brands. After all, Julia was one of the first LA locations to sell Thierry Lasry and 2015 Racked Young Guns honoree Ahlem, and her storefronts have been known to count celebs like John Mayer, Lady Gaga, and Transparent creator Jill Soloway ("That one was really exciting," she shared) as customers.

The Michigan-raised boss lady has big plans for 2016, including continuing to introduce exclusive, upcoming independent eyewear designers and hosting "socials" for LA's creative crowd. Therefore we thought it was the perfect time to catch up with Julia at Silver Lake's Juice Served Here and discuss why The Walking Dead is more than just "a zombie show" and her go-to nearby getaway from LA, among other topics.

What are you drinking?

I'm drinking a Turmeric Bang. Yes. It's carrot, turmeric, lime, coconut ice cream, ice and orange.

What TV show are you addicted to?

Walking Dead and the new X-Files. To me Walking Dead is all about humanity. It has the best character development of any show. Ever. You question, who would you be under these circumstances? These characters develop from who they were before, who they are during, and who they are because all of these challenges. They're facing mortality like every minute, not as this distant possibility like we all are. It's imminent. As for the new X-Files, once again you go back to that place of "Oh yeah, all of this is totally real!" You're on the journey with them where you want to believe, and there's all this evidence that it could be and things to read into. I love that.

Obviously other than glasses, what are your must-have accessories?

Shoes. I think if you have great sunglasses, a great haircut, and great shoes, you can kind of fib the rest. And a good lip.

What beauty products could you not live without?

Mascara. I've used Great Lash since I was 12. I've tried 'em all. Every possibility. It's Great Lash as a default. I love it.

Best treat to get locally?

Poke! I go to Ohana in Silver Lake. They make it with a wasabi pea crumble and seaweed and I get the shrimp chips. So much MSG but so good. Sqirl is good for healthy eats always. But then I always end up getting the malva cake. I go in there with the best intentions of getting something healthy and plant-based and then I also get the malva cake. It totally cancels out.

And what about best not-so-healthy treat?

The malva cake! It's the best thing you can put in your mouth.

Do you have a secret talent?

I can read people really well. And I'm a really good cook—without needing a recipe. I can mimic something I've eaten.

What is the best nearby day trip-worthy spot?

Desert Hot Springs. I go to Two Bunch Palms which is a little schmancy but it's amazing schmancy and worth every penny. If you go, go see Kyle. He is a healer. Shout out to Kyle! He's amazing.

Juice Served Here

3827 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA