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12 LA-Made Tops to Show Off Those Hard-Earned Abs

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As the first month of 2016 is nearing its end, we’ve danced, shopped, and meditated ourselves into looking—and feeling—pretty freakin’ good. Insert pat on the back and stroke of the ego here, those early morning sweatfests are not easy. While we’ve only begun the path to becoming the badasses we were born to be, it’s the perfect time to pull over, reflect, and add a few pieces to our wardrobe that will subtly show off our dedication. Afterall, can a SoCal babe ever have too many crop tops?

We’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite bodysuits and midriff bearers—all made by LA’s finest—that will tap into anyone’s modesty level. From sexy but covered to barely there, these are the pieces that the "new you" will not want to go another day without. They will take you to brunch, work, and a hot date night then back again. Should we ask for a drumroll? It’s time to meet your closet’s new staple, we’re confident you’ll be great friends.