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Spin, Snack, and Have an Activewear Shopping Spree This Saturday in El Segundo

Welcome to Perfect Saturday, a semi-regular Racked feature in which we outline the best places to shop and spend the afternoon in a particular neighborhood, starting with brunch and ending—who knows!

Fox Restaurant Concepts

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In honor this month's Best Year Ever coverage—in which we've been offering you our best tips on bettering your bod, brain, and overall being—we selected a place for spending your Saturday surrounded by spots that follow that theme.

The Point (850 S Sepulveda Boulevard) is so smartly engineered, it's got all its offerings for the fitness and wellness conscious consumer in one general area, so you can get your sweating, (mindful) munching, and activewear shopping done in pretty much one fell swoop. That means spending your day here can be focused and fulfilling, not a disorganized ordeal. Read on to find out how to we suggest you pack your afternoon with ways to get fit and totally fashionable here.


Kick off your Saturday with a healthy sweat at SoulCycle (820 S Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite 106). The popular indoor cycling workout's thigh-burning, candlelit classes start as early as 7:30am (see the full schedule here), and thankfully the stunning studio boasts a few shower stalls so you can refresh before heading next door for a well-deserved—but healthful—brunch.

Fox Restaurant Concepts

Grab a seat on the "Farmy" patio at True Food Kitchen (860 S Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite 100) and choose one of the totally satisfying dishes on the wholesome eatery's brunch menu. Though the restaurant's offerings are all based on an anti-inflammatory diet, and many items are vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten-free, you won't feel like you're missing any good stuff while you're chowing down on huevos rancheros and quinoa Johnny cakes with banana, maple syrup, and Greek yogurt.


The Point/Instagram

Start your shopping spree at the most recently opened of the complex's impressive list of activewear stores, Six:02 (860 S Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite 108). Because it's owned by Foot Locker, you can expect to see the best brands for both running/gym shoes (Asics, Adidas, and New Balance among them) and more fashion-forward sneaks from the likes of Nike, Puma, and Reebok. As for clothes, options include a few designer labels, including LA-based Koral.

Because Athleta (830 S Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite 112) considers itself more of a lifestyle brand than just a clothing retailer, these shops frequently host free fitness classes and offer incentive to their frequent shoppers who regularly stop in for the great assortment of gear for wearing both in and out of the gym. In addition to the usual activewear suspects (sports bra + leggings), you can find cute zip-up jackets, cozy sweatshirt dresses, and even swimwear too good to just wear swimming laps.



If you're an eco-conscious customer, Prana (830 S Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite 104) will have the sustainable clothing you've been craving for your active lifestyle. Grab a pair of their signature, great-fitting pants, some lightweight layering pieces (globe-trotters and travel addicts love the brand for this reason) and even—gasp—jeans. The shop also stocks yoga and climbing equipment and accessories so you'll be good to go for the next fitness adventure.